BMW Race Prep in Santa Rosa

At North Bay Bavarian we do so much more than service and repair on BMW and Mini Coopers, we transform them into the ultimate driving machine for all types of racing needs. We specialize in providing the best race track experience and many of our cars have been featured in popular BMW races across the […]

Mini Cooper Engine Repair Made Easy

If you are looking for a Mini Cooper dealership alternative you found it with North Bay Bavarian. Our company has been learning and expanding on our knowledge of all things BMW for the last three decades, so it’s no surprise that we found just as much passion servicing and repairing Mini Coopers as we do […]

Get to Know the BMW Brand Like We Do  

It’s no secret we love the BMW brand, or we wouldn’t have worked so hard to understand each and every one of their models inside and out for the last thirty years. North Bay Bavarian was one of the first BMW service shops in Santa Rosa. We’ve continued to live up to our reputation as […]

The BMW 3 Series – BMW’s Best Selling Model

As one of the most popular entry-level luxury cars, BMW’s 3 Series has been produced in six different generations since its inception in May 1975. So which one do you have? One of the first models created in this series was the 2-door sedan before BMW expanded to the 4-door sedan, 2-door convertible, 2-door coupe, […]

BMW Performance Kits

Like many BMW owners, you purchased a BMW because you have a respect for Bavarian Motor Works and their dedication to excellence in engineering. BMWs have been defined by their high performance, character, and adrenalin raising accessory options. As your Santa Rosa BMW specialists, the expert staff at North Bay Bavarian has a great knowledge […]

Most Common BMW Problems

As lovers of the Bavarian Motor Works brand, we can vouch for the reliability of their makes and models, but problems with your car will always arise the longer it is driven, no matter what. Age, mileage and driving habits are major contributors to the wear and tear of any vehicle, but that’s where we […]

Tune Ups vs. Oil Changes, What You Need to Know

BMW Tune-Ups and Oil Changes   You’ve heard this since you sat down in your first car, regular maintenance on your BMW (or any car for that matter) will prevent costly repairs in the future. But, that isn’t the only perk – high-performance cars run like new when taken care of properly, making any aftermarket […]

BMW Repair in Rohnert Park

Are you having issues with your BMW? It’s stressful to start noticing that your vehicle is not working at peak performance. From grinding breaks, faulty transmissions and check engine lights, North Bay Bavarian has been servicing a wide range of BMWs in Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park since 1987 – there’s nothing we haven’t seen. […]

BMWs in Santa Rosa

At North Bay Bavarian we love every single BMW in Santa Rosa. We have been working on BMWs in Santa Rosa since 1987 and ‘passionate’ is an understatement. BMW owners come to us because they know we offer service that can be trusted and that spans the Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park areas. Not only […]

Santa Rosa BMW Repair You Can Trust

As BMW repair experts for more than 30 years in the Santa Rosa and Rohnert Parks areas, the friendly staff at North Bay Bavarian ensures quality repairs and quick service to your BMW. Owning a BMW is an adventure, and repairing your roadster can be just as much of a trip. With a number of […]

Bavarian BMW Maintenance in Santa Rosa

As a BMW repair team that has been working in the Santa Rosa area for more than 30 years, we perform BMW maintenance and repair for the community at an affordable price with a quick return of your vehicle so you can get right back on the road and back to life. BMW service and […]

BMW Repair in Santa Rosa

If you are looking for BMW repair in Santa Rosa look no further than the experts at North Bay Bavarian. North Bay Bavarian, a trusted, family owned and operated BMW repair shop in Santa Rosa has been servicing the Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park areas for more than 25 years. As BMW specialists, North Bay […]