5 Unexpected BMW Pre Purchase Inspection Tips

BMW is well-known for producing fast and fun cars that will last decades when maintained properly. North Bay Bavarian is well-known for exceptional and affordable Santa Rosa BMW maintenance. We’d all love a brand-new BMW, but many of us need to start with a pre-owned BMW first. Prospective buyers who aren’t also BMW mechanics sometimes find it difficult to determine if a seller maintained his or her BMW well during ownership. Before we discuss our BMW Pre Purchase Inspection, we give you five tips to vet the lions from the lemons.

BMW Inspection Tip #1

Even those with honor and integrity can fail to spot a BMW issue.

A BMW seller, if he or she chooses, can be totally honest with you about the service and maintenance performed on the vehicle throughout his or her ownership.

The current BMW owner, though, may not have been the first owner. If you, the prospective buyer, have the complete maintenance record from the second owner, you might mistakenly think that you’re aware of the vehicle’s full story. If the second owner maintained the car well, surely the first owner did, too, right? Otherwise, why would the second owner have purchased the car? In short, the second owner might not have done his or her homework before purchasing the car.

BMW owners, even the honest ones, might not be able to tell you everything you’d want to know about the car.

BMW Inspection Tip #2

People not only lie, but they’re also sometimes delusional.

Any time you purchase a used BMW, you run the risk of the current owner lying to you about the service, maintenance and accident record of the car. What you might not think about is that people often lie to themselves.

Long-term memory is more so a story that we tell ourselves than it is an accurate account of past events.

When you ask the current BMW owner if he or she missed any critical oil changes throughout ownership, he or she may vehemently say no! The owner might believe that statement is true, but people can fall into denial without realizing it.

The space between “I did that” and “I think I did that” is often smaller than people are willing to admit. You don’t want to risk buying a lemon because the seller is in denial about having poorly maintained his or her car.

BMW Inspection Tip #3

“To the best of my knowledge” is not your ally!

Some BMW owners will tell you, “To the best of my knowledge, this car is in tip-top shape!” If the car owner is being honest (no way to verify), that statement still shouldn’t carry much weight in your purchase decision.

The “to the best of my knowledge” qualifier only has value when the claimant has all the necessary and relevant knowledge to accurately answer the question. When you ask, “Are there any issues with the car?”, know that the seller’s answer is pretty much irrelevant if he or she is not an expert BMW mechanic at North Bay Bavarian.

BMW Inspection Tip #4

Written statements certifying the condition of a car have limited value.

Napkin that says, "Car runs great! - Joe Schmo"Let’s say you ask the seller to tell you in writing that nothing is wrong with the car, and the seller agrees to sign “the contract”. If you expect a hand-written note on a napkin to hold up in court as a valid contract, you might not be wrong outright, but the extent to which that napkin protects you might be different than your expectation.

Also consider that the exact verbiage in the contract isn’t trivial. Unless you’re a lawyer, it’s difficult to say how sound a contract is.

Lastly, did you get that napkin notarized? If not, don’t expect the contract to offer you anything other than a means to wipe your tears off the dash of the lemon you just purchased.

BMW Inspection Tip #5

All BMW mechanics are not equally qualified!

A write-up about the condition of a car performed by an inexperienced or just plain bad mechanic doesn’t have much value.

You can trust a BMW pre purchase inspection performed by North Bay Bavarian, because we’ve been servicing, repairing and maintaining Santa Rosa BMW’s since 1987.

Bring in one car to our shop, and you’ll get a Pre-Purchase Inspection for $135.

If you don’t buy it, you can bring in two more, at no additional charge!

If you buy a vehicle, the $135 Inspection Fee is rebated to you on your first North Bay Bavarian mechanical repair.


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