Back, back,….a way back…

January of 2012 is already coming to a close, and Spec E30 racing won’t start for a couple more weeks. So to entertain you one or two blog readers out there, I thought we would go back to January of 2007, and see what was happening around the shop. We were just starting work on getting the Chevrolet built for the La Carrera. After finding our little peach, it was a matter of taking it down to its bare bones. Here’s a look back a 2007…

Thursday, January 4, 2007

“Pick Me, I’m Clean ” F.Z.

I knew I could mention my favorite, Frank Zappa if I tried. These pictures give us a look at my racing partner Rick, working hard, doing a little pressure wash clean-up and getting the front end removed. All this is to get the car ready for the painter. Pretty basic stuff here, though I am dazed at the amount of nuts and bolts and pieces there are to take a fender off.
After the inside and outside are clean, the hood, fenders and front end removed, it’s off to Redwood Auto Body in Healdsburg, and our next big decision – what color?


Monday, January 8, 2007

The Body Shop

So we are catching up to real time, this is now early January 2007, and the car is at Redwood Auto Body in Healdsburg, California. You might ask as I did, why paint the car before all the mechanicals are done to it. My more experienced pardners idea is to get it done ASAP so all you’s guys would take one look, say “WOW”, and open those checkbooks. You hoards of fans out there who have been reading these may have noticed that we are looking for sponsors, Redwood Auto Body has stepped up in a big, BIG way, like donating the body work and painting the old beast. Our Hero, Dennis Parrish, Redwood’s owner, is an old friend of North Bay Bavarian, but, so what, it’s a LOT of work.
OK, so, just sand down the rough spots and spray the thing!
Oh, no, no, no, this is going to be a real paint job, a nice paint job, make that, a proper paint job! All the side moulding holes, remember I told you about those, get plugged and sanded. The rust spots ( rust! what rust?) are repaired and filled, more sanding. The body is then “skimmed”, that’s where a coat of thin bondo or “icing” is applied, then sanded, to take out any deformity or imperfections in a 43 year old body. More sanding, primer coat, sanded again, and then painted. Something like that anyway. What do I know about all this, I read an article on body repair, now I’m an expert. One of the good things about this car was that the body seemed to be in pretty good shape, with no major dents.
It being the start of the rainy season, which means the busy season for a body shop, and us being on the dole for the work, things have chugged slowly along.
But I was there the other day and took some of these pictures, and I heard the car’s now primered, so we are coming to the finish at the body shop.
The boys did save one job for us, I’m told it’s the most fun of all, sanding the door jams, sweet!!

Dennis, Doug, Mike, everybody, I hope you’re not cringing reading all this because we so appreciate the effort you’ve put in. If it wasn’t for you guys, then it would be a “Miracle”.

Get it?!

NEXT TIME: The Paint Job


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Paint Job

OK, who said sanding door jams was lots of fun? Actually, it wasn’t that bad, especially when you get to use power tools! The boys at Redwood had put in a lot of time sanding the outside of the car, so it was our turn to get in there and do some damage.
Redwood Auto BodyFinally, we get to “The Paint Job“. It’s time to pick a color. Maybe in one of these blogs, I’ll show you all the paint schemes we tried out on paper. From black, or white, or to the Gulf GT-40 colors, and everything in between. Let me tell you, a four door Chevelle does not look that good in baby blue and orange. Being that we’re headed for Mexico, something red, white or green seemed appropriate.
An all white car, humm… I don’t think so, all green,… please….no. That leaves red…..ahhh red, rojo, the color of Ferrari – rosso corsa, the color of passion, romance, sex. Also the color of fire and blood, but we’re not going there. So much symbolism in red, I could go on and on, but let’s just say, we painted the door jams red.
Next the body, hood, and fenders were done, and voi la! All finished.

It sounds so simple, nothing to it, but just doing a bit of the sanding, I know it’s a ton of work. And here it is, truly, a gorgeous beauty!
I can’t thank all you guys at Redwood Auto Body enough for all the time and work put into our project.
Now the car is back in our hands, we can start collecting up parts and Redwood Auto Bodymoving on to the next phase. And the next phase would be…. the whole enchilada.


I would just like to add a comment here; this car, out of the body shop was beautiful, absolutely gorgeous! The color was a old BMC red used on Mini’s in the 60’s, and it fit this car well.