Bavarian Autosport Service

If you are looking for Bavarian Autosport Service in Santa Rosa or Rohnert Park, North Bay Bavarian is your answer. Rick Row, North Bay Bavarian’s fearless leader, opened his doors to the Santa Rosa area in 1987. North Bay Bavarian was one of the first BMW repair shops in the Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park and Sonoma County areas.

Since 1987, North Bay Bavarian has grown to be one of the largest and most trusted Bavarian autosport service shops in Santa Rosa. We have focused on BMW and Mini Repair for more than 25 years and are here to help with any and all BMW engine repair questions or issues you may have.

At North Bay Bavarian we specialize in BMW engine repair for a variety of different models. BMW 3 Series, BMW 5 Series, BMW 7 Series and BMW M Series along with each and every one of their models within the series, have come through our doors time and time again.

Bavarian autosport service starts with the experts, and that’s what you’ll find at North Bay Bavarian.

We are confident that our professional BMW service and repair team in Santa Rosa will be able to fix your engine issues and get you back on the road faster and with more confidence than any of the competition.

At North Bay Bavarian, our expert BMW and Mini repair staff will ensure that your BMW will be repaired with utmost care and precision. Our goal at North Bay Bavarian is to create longstanding customer relationships.

To schedule an appointment for BMW engine repair contact North Bay Bavarian today for a quick estimate.