Best Used BMW for the Money in 2018

We at North Bay Bavarian are experts in all models of BMW vehicles. We would all like the ability to afford the BMW M760i at $180,000, but this dream might need to stay a dream for now. You don’t need to spend $100k to purchase a great BMW. BMW is known for combining luxury, performance, and value. Your next used BMW is more affordable than you think.

What is the best used BMW for the money in 2018?

CarGurus announced the winners of the 2018 CarGurus Best Used Car Awards.

The awards ranked, “entry-level compact sedans to luxury SUVs, full-size pickup trucks and everything in between.” They identified the top vehicles across 10 automotive categories. The criteria used was, “vehicle popularity, expert Test Drive Reviews, CarGurus user reviews, availability and how well a vehicle holds its value.”

Guess which vehicle won the luxury sedan category? None other than the 2013-2018 BMW 3 Series. This model has been celebrated for its remarkable power and handling. Check out the custom interior in the 3 series below.

Best used bmw to buy: bmw 3 series

What features does the 3 series have?

Whether you are looking to purchase a used BMW 3 series, another model, or a brand-new BMW, North Bay Bavarian can inspect your vehicle prior to purchase. Don’t risk time and money on a bad investment when you can rest easy after getting your prospect vehicle inspected by our expert mechanics. To schedule an appointment with North Bay Bavarian, call 707-545-0820 or email