Understanding BMW Condition Based Service (CBS)

North Bay Bavarian gives you the kind of BMW service that life-long customer relationships are built on. We have built our brand on servicing BMWs better than the dealership, guaranteed. One of the great features that our BMW mechanics know inside and out is the BMW Condition Based Service system.

North Bay Has Gone the Extra Mile Since 1987

Other BMW service shops in the area have come and gone, but North Bay Bavarian has remained because of its commitment to professional and efficient service. We specialize in providing superior service for BMW and Mini vehicles and we intend to keep it that way.

Rick Row opened North Bay Bavarian in 1987, becoming one of the first BMW specialists in the Santa Rosa area. North Bay Bavarian has grown into the area’s largest and most trusted BMW service shop. Many of our valued customers have been there since day one, and now we’re even seeing their kids come into service and modify their cars.

What is BMW Condition Based Service?

BMW Condition Based Service SymbolsBMW designed the condition based service (CBS) system to help drivers better adhere to their service intervals and maintenance schedules. In days of the past, drivers brought their cars in for service and maintenance at fixed intervals based on time and mileage.

The BMW CBS system now calculates when a vehicle requires service using a variety of computer sensors, the driving habits of the owner, time and mileage. Drivers can access the CBS system via the dashboard information center (early models) or the iDrive screen (later models). While accessing the CBS system, drivers can see how much time and how many miles until the next service appointment is required.

Besides in the car itself, information from the CBS system is stored in the driver’s remote key.

The CBS system monitors the need for the following services.

  • Engine Oil Replacement and Filter Replacement
  • Standard Scope
  • Engine Intake Silencer
  • Vehicle Check
  • Wiper Blade Replacement
  • Brake Fluid Replacement
  • Front Brake Pad Replacement
  • Rear Brake Pad Replacement
  • Micro-filter Replacement / Cabin Filter Replacement
  • Perform Coolant Flush

North Bay Bavarian is centrally-located in the Rohnert Park/Santa Rosa area. Our facility address is 1801 C Empire Industrial Ct., Santa Rosa, California 95403. We are open Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Call us at 707.545.0820 to schedule your appointment!