BMW i Models: Nothing We Can’t Tackle

North Bay Bavarian specializes in all kinds of BMWs and Mini Coopers, making us the Bay Area’s number one choice for all things under the Bavarian brand. So when it comes to BMW i Models, North Bay Bavarian naturally has had our hands on a few.

What is a BMW i Model? 

It is a series of plug-in hybrids and fully electric vehicles that provide high-performance electric mobility – the beginning of a cleaner future of travel. The performance with innovative eDrive technology is guaranteed with these vehicles.

BMW is trying to make these cars the norm, where there are sustainable and attainable BMW options available. Each BMW i is built to perform with extreme electric power, especially the all-new ‘futuristic’ BMW i8 Coupe and the first ever i8 Roadster. The plug-in hybrid design is huge in the car industry, and with innovators like Tesla pushing the boundaries of electric power, BMW had to have a taste of the action, too.

eDrive Technology

BMW eDrive technology includes a number of cutting-edge plug-in hybrid components and makes a significant contribution to reducing fuel consumption and emissions. The conventional plug-in hybrid design is a thing of the past –  these BMWs deliver 420 lb-ft of torque.  The best part? The BMW i3 and i3s are among the fastest BMWs off the line, thanks to the instant, smooth, and almost inaudible acceleration of an all-electric engine.

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) is as strong as steel, but only half the weight – which is why it’s usually found in integral components of racing cars. It just so happens that the BMW i3 and i8, whose framework is built entirely of CFRP, utilize this innovative and exciting material to create a car unlike any on the market today.

BMW has also created LifeDrive, a unique architectural concept purpose-built for electric vehicles. The two-part construction helps to reduce weight and increase range while adding to a feeling of open spaciousness and comfort in the cabin.

BMW LifeDrive is comprised of two separate units, the Life Module and the Drive Module form the framework of all BMW i vehicles. The Life Module is a high-strength and lightweight passenger compartment made from Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP), which could be thought of as the passenger cabin.

The Drive Module, which is constructed out of aluminum, consists of the 22-kWh, lithium-ion battery, electric drivetrain, MacPherson strut, 5-link rear suspension, and structural components. The lithium-ion battery cells are stored beneath the passenger compartment of the car, giving the vehicle an optimum 50:50 weight distribution and low center of gravity.

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