BMW i3S Makes Waves in the Community

We at North Bay Bavarian enjoy serving BMW models of all types, and that includes the electric hybrid, high-torque models, the BMW i3 and BMW i3S.

There are rumors that there was an i3S that was controlled ONLY by the driver’s brainwaves? BMW is not messing around when it comes to innovation, that’s for sure. Experts modified a BMW i3 electric car so it could be driven remotely using only a person’s thoughts. This involved thinking left, thinking right, thinking about going forward and stopping, and instead of just ‘thinking’ about these actions/movements, the training basically involves associating a specific mental image with each command. For example, the software can be trained to associate a person’s thinking about a floating balloon with turning left. While Nissan is also rumored to have this technology, we’ll believe it when we see it. Or let us TRY IT! But, anyway.

BMW i3 Versus i3S

With federal emissions getting more tightly regulated, it’s no surprise that electric and hybrid cars are gaining quite a following. While BMW is still working on the range issues for the BMW i3 model, and BMW i3S model (introducing a ‘sport’ to refresh the series), it added a new design, awesome new features, and luxury driving capability to make drivers forget about having to charge up a little more often.

Powered by a high-output electric motor, the i3s makes 14 more horsepower than the base i3, for a total output of 184 horses. Torque is also improved by 15 lb.-ft., for a total rating of 199 lb.-ft., all of which is available instantly and with no emissions. It can hit 60 mph in 6.8 seconds, four-tenths faster than the i3, and has a top speed of 100 mph, compared to the base version’s cap of 93 mph. Under normal conditions, the i3s is expected to achieve 97 miles of all-electric driving on a single charge but an available gas-powered, 2-cylinder range-extending engine increases that max to about 180 miles.

The BMW i3S or ‘sport’ actually sits lower, dropping the overall height by about 10 millimeters, but is equipped with dampers and anti-roll bars. The BMW i3S features the Dynamic Stability and Traction Control systems that are fairly new, and have promised to provide more responsive steering capability and acceleration. The new BMW i3 and i3S have a similar body style to the 2014 models but will sport new front/rear fenders, bumpers, double-kidney grilles, coach-style doors, and blue seat belts.

For the tech lovers out there, the new BMW i3 and i3S is available in a ‘Navigation System Professional‘ version, upping the resolution display on the computer, adding voice recognition, and cloud-based learning, memory, and processing. The system will begin to learn and understand where you like to eat, what coffee shops you frequent, and help you find them more quickly than actually looking them up on your phone.

This technology can also locate parking spaces in unfamiliar cities with real-time data.

The best part for all those terrible parallel parkers out there, once you’ve identified the parking space you want, you can engage the ‘Parking Assistant‘ button, and the car will do everything for you; that’s right, from acceleration, braking, steering, and switching gears. Pretty amazing stuff.

If you’re concerned with the environment, as many are, the BMW i3 appeals to this audience as well, by using recycled materials, or renewable resources, to create the car series itself.

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