Best BMW Oil Change in Santa Rosa

Changing the oil in your BMW is so very important. The blood that keeps your BMW moving in the Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park areas must be kept up to factory standards.

If you are looking for a BMW oil change in Santa Rosa, come to a BMW specialist that truly understands the factory standards of a BMW oil change. Although BMW oil changes are relatively simple, North Bay Bavarian is the best choice for your BMW’s high-quality oil change. At North Bay Bavarian Santa Rosa we go the extra-mile with your BMW oil change, making sure that your BMW performs exactly as it was designed. Regularly scheduled oil changes will prolong the life of your BMW.

BMW oil change

BMW Oil Change Frequency

Although BMW has been recommending oil change intervals that are much farther apart than of years past, we still recommend that you keep your car under the 5,000-mile limit.

Relying on your BMW service indicator lights or BMW service indicator system can be useful, but as the driver, you must make the call. What is your driving style? Do you drive frequently? Do you commute, cruise, or race?

Ensuring the longevity of your BMW is our priority and at North Bay Bavarian we take pride in our high-quality oil selection and expert service.

Contact the expert mechanics at North Bay Bavarian today and schedule a BMW oil change.