BMW Upgrades that Deliver Performance

At North Bay Bavarian we excel at Bavarian tuning, BMW service, BMW maintenance and BMW repair. We also love installing the latest and greatest BMW upgrades on our customer’s vehicles. In this article we take a look at some of the awesome upgrades available and why Santa Rosa’s finest chooses North Bay.

Which BMW Upgrades Enhance Performance?

BMW upgrades graphic with transformerOur elite group of mechanics can install any BMW upgrade under the sun. Not only can we install any upgrade you want, but we can also advise which upgrades will achieve your unrelenting performance standards. Following are just a few of the performance upgrades we love to install.

  • Installation or Upgrade of Performance Chip – Standard chips in stock fuel injection rigs often limit the air-fuel available to an engine. A performance chip can improve fuel economy, speed, and horsepower.
  • Replace Metal Hood with Carbon Fiber Hood – Lighter vehicles can perform better.
  • Replace Metal Trunk with Carbon Fiber Trunk – Lighter vehicle can perform better.
  • Tuned-up Drivetrain – Upgraded gears, differentials, drive shafts, clutches, and flywheels can increase overall performance.
  • Upgrade Suspension – Adding tower braces and sway bars can stiffen your chassis flex and increase handling and response time.
  • Upgrade Tires – Increased grip means increased handling and cornering.
  • Upgrade Rims – Lighter rims will improve brake performance and increase speed.
  • Upgrade Brakes – Better brakes allow the driver to brake later and to return to acceleration faster.
  • Body Kits Installation – Kits can increase the aerodynamics on your car.

Why Choose North Bay Bavarian?

Because we care about our customers, and we care about our customer’s cars. As a performance driven BMW shop that has been in Santa Rosa since 1987, we service all BMW and Mini Cooper models. We are Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park’s BMW dealership alternative for a reason, and we aim to prove that our passion for the BMW brand exceeds every other shop in the country.

We’re perfectionists, and we work efficiently and creatively to solve all BMW repair issues using state-of-the-art BMW diagnostic equipment, tools, and decades of knowledge. Our 6,000-sq. ft. facility is equipped with six individual car lifts and five full-time mechanics with knowledge of all models from today’s high-tech BMWs to antique BMWs from the 70s.

North Bay Bavarian partners with the world’s best suppliers to deliver the ultimate Mini Cooper and BMW builds in Santa Rosa. NBB stocks engine management software from DINAN, Miller W.A. R. Chip, aFe Power, Brembo – Brake Systems, Ground Control Suspensions Systems, Supersprint North America, and Wilwood Disc Brakes.

Contact North Bay Bavarian today, and we’ll hook you up with BMW upgrades that are sure to impress.