BMW Plug-in Adapts to Tesla Destination Chargers

BMW’s aim is to stand to its promise of delivering the ‘Ultimate Driving Machine’ with every electric hybrid it builds. We at North Bay Bavarian study BMWs of all types, including electric models. There is a common misconception that BMW electric hybrids don’t carry as much horsepower or torque as their gasoline counterparts, but this is not the case.

Growing in popularity and not just because of tax incentives (Federal, of up to $4,100+), but because it combines torque, luxury, and cruise on top of it. Being kind to the environment is kind of a win, too, we would say.

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How Does Tesla Do It?

Since 2003, Tesla was basically the first car company ever to go strictly electric, bypass the dealership step, and begin to offer more electric car options that range from pretty average to extravagant, and because of this, more destination charging stations began sprouting up.

With Tesla, it offered two different types of stations: Destination Chargers and Superchargers – or Fast Charge Stations. Superchargers are typically located on main roads between major cities and are meant to provide enough charge for long distance travel, about 400+km of range per hour. Unfortunately, Fast Charge Stations are made only for Tesla vehicles, as they have a verification process that runs your cars VIN, and if it doesn’t match a Tesla VIN # etc., etc.

Destination chargers, though, typically found on private properties such as restaurants, grocery stores, hotels, malls, resorts, main roads and basically anywhere that it would make sense to park your car and spend a few hours at. These chargers only provide about 8 – 83 kms of range per hour. These are considered ‘Level 2’ chargers.

How Does BMW Do It Better?

Because Tesla is planning to install and continues to install, thousands of different destination chargers across the US, Europe, and Asia, BMW EV owners can reap the benefits as well.

Because Tesla provided two adapters for each vehicle they sold (Level 1 or Level 2, depending on which DC you were using), Tesla could basically plug in everywhere, but BMW could not, until now.

BMW has just released its Quick Charge Power JDapter Stub that lets BMW and any other EV to use the thousands of DC stations that are being installed around the world, too. But again, these will not let you plug into Tesla’s Supercharger network.

If you’re someone that owns a BMW EV and takes longs trips, commutes often, or just plain loves to travel, the JDapter is a tool that you should be carrying with you at all times.

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