BMW Service in Santa Rosa Since ‘87

BMW Service PromiseNorth Bay Bavarian opened its doors in 1987 as Santa Rosa’s first Bavarian Motor Works service and repair shop. Rick Row, North Bay’s founder, created a name for North Bay Bavarian by providing expert BMW service and repair.  North Bay Bavarian isn’t just a BMW service center, we also race these performance machines at every opportunity.

Our BMW Service Promise

The focus of North Bay Bavarian is to lead to by example. North Bay’s shop is dedicated to shop thoroughness, perfection, and customer service. Rick Row oversees all work that comes through the shop, assuring quality service and repair are performed, but sometimes he just can’t resist getting personally involved when a big, challenging project rolls in.

As a mechanic that discovered his love for BMWs in 1979, Rick never looked back, and he has instilled that love in his expert staff. Rick Row has completed the BMW factory, Bosch, and ASE trainings, making North Bay Bavarian a trusted BMW dealership alternative for the Santa Rosa area, addressing problems that many dealerships themselves cannot resolve.

North Bay Bavarian is Santa Rosa’s BMW and Mini Cooper service specialist, we have state-of-the-art BMW diagnostic equipment, tools, parts, and knowledge of all models from today’s high-tech BMWs to antique cars from the 1970s.

Our policy is to round down on billing BMW hours, offering a trained and certified BMW service staff that works efficiently for the price point. Our goal is to create a that life-long customer relationship, and we aim to prove that to you.

Contact the knowledgeable staff at North Bay Bavarian today and let us help you with your BMW and Mini Cooper needs.