BMW 3 Series Service and Repair

BMW 3 SeriesOwn a BMW 3 series? Santa Rosa residents know where to go for excellent service and repairs. North Bay Bavarian applies professionalism and know-how when dealing with any BMW. The BMW 3 Series is popular among many Santa Rosa residents. It’s known as one of the top luxury cars on the market today. It spans six different generations and five different body styles. This vehicle is so popular, it has been on Car and Driver Magazine’s annual Ten Best list 20 times. North Bay Bavarian is the ideal choice for all of your BMW service and BMW repair needs. We are dedicated to helping you keep your BMW 3 Series performing its best.

North Bay Bavarian opened its doors in 1987 has been the BMW 3 Series specialist in the Santa Rosa area ever since. We have grown into the area’s largest BMW service shop. We realize that a reputation isn’t just based on who has been around longest. That is why we strive every day to offer the best service available. We excel in trouble-shooting and problem-solving for BMWs. At North Bay Bavarian, we do everything we can to ensure that you are always completely satisfied. Contact North Bay Bavarian today to schedule your appointment.

BMW 3-Series Vehicle Chassis

E30 — ’84-’91

Now a cult classic, it was BMW’s first entry into the mass market. It has seen a recent resurgence in M30 spec racing.

E36 — ’91-’99

With a redesigned style for the 90’s, this chassis boasted a more comfortable interior. It was also an introduction to the larger and more modern motor, debuting the M50 series motor.

E46 — ’00-’05

Known as the millennium chassis, the E46 stepped up efficiency and topped Car and Driver Magazine’s “10 Best Cars” list every year it was in production. With it, the M series M54 and S54 motors were introduced.

E90, E91, E92, E93 — ’04-Present

The E90 brought with it new body lines, an upgraded luxury interior, and large technical innovations like the Valvetronic motor. In 2007, a record 550,000 E90 vehicles were sold, making it one of the most popular cars in the UK.