BMW 7 Series Service And Repair

BMW 7 Series Santa RosaOwn a BMW 7 Series? Santa Rosa residents most likely already know that North Bay Bavarian is the top facility for BMW service and BMW repair.  The BMW 7 Series is BMWs line of full-size luxury vehicles.  It is BMWs flagship vehicle and is only available as a sedan or extended length limousine.  The 7 Series is known for traditionally introducing technologies and exterior design themes before they find their way down to BMWs smaller sedans.  Here at North Bay Bavarian we are known for being the first facility in the area to be experts when it comes to BMWs.

Since 1987 we have been offering exceptional top of the line BMW service and BMW repair.  Our menu of repairs and services is extensive and our knowledge and expertise is even bigger.  We have grown to become the largest and most trusted BMW facility in the area.  Many of our customers have been with us since the beginning and we’ve serviced many generations since then.  We remain the best in the business because we believe in quality care and taking care of our customers to our fullest potential.  So if you are in need of BMW 7 Series repair or service, contact North Bay Bavarian today to schedule your appointment.

BMW 7-Series Vehicle Chassis

E32 — ’86-’92

Considered by most as one of the first official luxury 7-Series, the E32 offered some very modern features for its time, including an integrated telephone and fax machine. The E32 also saw the first production of a V12 motor.

E38 — ’94-’01

As one of the most popular generations in the 7-Series, the E38 offered sleek body lines and high performance. It was also the first 7-Series to offer a diesel engine option and may have been the first car in the world to feature Xenon headlights.

E65 — ’00-’05

With a short wheelbase meant for great control, the E65 broke records and became the best-selling 7-Series vehicle ever. It also introduced the first fiber-optic network system.

E66 — ’00-’05

The E66 was another 4th generation 7-Series vehicle. It had a long wheelbase, meant for stability and comfort while driving.

F01 — ’07-Present

The F01 hit the market in 2008, sporting a short wheelbase meant for control. This fifth generation of the 7-Series introduced the Twin Turbo V8.

F02 — ’07-Present

The F02 is the long wheelbase version of the 7-Series fifth generation vehicles, designed for stability and comfort.