Git’r done

The everyday work of fixing BMW’s goes on at North Bay Bavarian. There’s also a flurry of activity in one corner of the shop which has nothing to do with the regular routine. I’m speaking about the assemblage of a BMW 1600, turned 2002, into a vintage racer headed for Mexico.

The entry fee has been paid to race in the 2013 Chihuahua Express in April. For those who of you haven’t kept up with our blogging,… shame on you,… the Express is a 3 day romp through the desert and mountains of Northern Mexico. “Unlimited, open racing on closed, paved highways”, to paraphrase the Express website. This is the real deal, and if you have thoughts of entering the La Carrera, it gives you a good idea of what you’re in for. But, let us not get ahead of ourselves speaking of the LCP. First, this car has to get finished, and that is becoming somewhat wishful thinking.

Chihuahua ExpressChihuahua ExpressCIMG0366