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How Does BMW Name Their Models?

North Bay Bavarian has been providing exceptional BMW service, BMW repair and BMW maintenance to Santa Rosa since 1987. Our crew has taken the time to learn every nuance and subtlety that makes BMW the world’s Ultimate Driving Machine. Our knowledge of BMW isn’t stagnant. Our mechanics are constantly on the lookout for new information […]

The BMW New Six Series

If you scroll through our Instagram, you’ll find that we have some beautiful BMWs come through the North Bay Bavarian shop doors. One of these is the BMW 3.0 SI E3. Produced and sold during the 1975 and 1976 model years, the 3.0 SI is part of the New Six line of full-size sedans that […]

BMW Repair Costs

As a luxury car owner, you know that maintenance and care are of the utmost importance to your BMW. Maintaining a regular service schedule for your BMW is crucial to the life of your car, but understanding the costs of BMW repair will help you navigate what is needed now, and what repairs can wait. […]

Get to Know BMW Like We Do  

It’s no secret we love the BMW brand, or we wouldn’t have worked so hard to understand each and every one of their models inside and out for the last thirty years. North Bay Bavarian was one of the first BMW service shops in Santa Rosa. We’ve continued to live up to our reputation as […]

A Short History of the BMW E30

Hi ho, I’ve been thinking about this car, that it might be a good one to own. In the perfect world, I would find one from the little ol’ lady in…Ukiah, that bought one from the factory in Germany, picked it up and drove it for about 30k and parked it in her garage for the last […]

And rubbin, son, is racin’

  At least that’s what Harry Hogge/Robert Duvall told Cole Trickle/Tom Cruise in “Days of Thunder”. I only bring that up here because, it’s been a while since our last entry, and since we’ve had no on-site reports or pretty pictures from the track, we need to show some kind of racin’ and a little rubbin. After all, this blog is […]