BMW Inspections

Best BMW Pre Purchase Inspection

North Bay Bavarian knows that purchasing a pre-owned BMW can feel like a risky choice. We have served BMW owners in Marin and Sonoma County for more than 25 years. We care for our customers’ vehicles like we care for our own.  A BMW pre purchase inspection will allow you to buy with confidence. Get […]

Best Used BMW for the Money in 2018

We at North Bay Bavarian are experts in all models of BMW vehicles. We would all like the ability to afford the BMW M760i at $180,000, but this dream might need to stay a dream for now. You don’t need to spend $100k to purchase a great BMW. BMW is known for combining luxury, performance, […]

North Bay Rocks BMW Pre Purchase Inspections

When purchasing a used BMW, it’s prudent to take some precautions to ensure that you’re getting luxury ride and not a LeMon. We at North Bay Bavarian want our customers to feel safe and secure in their new BMWs, so as your BMW service specialists, we created a program that will help give you peace […]

What Does the BMW Inspection 1 Include?

We at North Bay Bavarian know the value of preventative maintenance and inspections. There are two scheduled inspections and maintenance points for your bimmer and it is important to keep them in check, or you can really trash your car. BMW Inspection 1 includes a road test, tune-up, and pretty much everything from under your BMW, to […]

BMW Pre Purchase Inspection in Santa Rosa

The thrill of owning an ultimate driving machine doesn’t always have to come right off the factory floor. Used BMWs are simply loved a little more and can be great cars to buy if you aren’t quite ready to purchase a brand-new model. North Bay Bavarian highly recommends seeking a BMW Pre Purchase Inspection. An inspection […]

Most Common BMW Problems

As lovers of the Bavarian Motor Works brand, we can vouch for the reliability of their makes and models, but problems with your car will always arise the longer it is driven, no matter what. Age, mileage and driving habits are major contributors to the wear and tear of any vehicle, but that’s where we […]