Car of the Week

The BMW New Six Series

If you scroll through our Instagram, you’ll find that we have some beautiful BMWs come through the North Bay Bavarian shop doors. One of these is the BMW 3.0 SI E3. Produced and sold during the 1975 and 1976 model years, the 3.0 SI is part of the New Six line of full-size sedans that […]

A Short History of the BMW E30

Hi ho, I’ve been thinking about this car, that it might be a good one to own. In the perfect world, I would find one from the little ol’ lady in…Ukiah, that bought one from the factory in Germany, picked it up and drove it for about 30k and parked it in her garage for the last […]

More Thoughts About Cars

We got off to such a rousing start for 2013, I think we should just continue where we left off. There are a few things going on around the shop that need attending to, like getting a 2002 built for the Chihuahua Express in April, but for now….   This last picture reminds us that there is work to […]

Hello 2013

Hello blog fans…. I know there’s a few of you out there… we’re back after little snooze for a good part of 2012. Let’s start taking a look what’s going on, around the NBB shop, around Spec E30 racing and the La Carrera, and cars….lots of cars, because that’s what we’re about, so that’s where we’ll start. Of course, BMW is […]

Breaking News…

November 3, 2011… There have been unconfirmed reports that the leadership of North Bay Bavarian has made contact with a certain individual in Southern California as to the purchase of a car. Not just any car, but a car that has been searched out for many weeks and months, to no avail, until possibly now. Negotiations are very delicate at this moment, […]

Car of the Week

At the shop we have noticed cars tend to come in in threes. You look out in the parking lot and there’ll be three E36’s, or three E39’s, and sometimes three or even four E30’s. But today was Mini’s day. Five Mini Coopers, all S, and surprisingly all different colors, decorated half of our parking […]