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BMW Santa Rosa Repair & BMW Racing Experts

We at North Bay Bavarian are the BMW Santa Rosa repair experts because our staff delivers prompt results that create life-long customers. We’ve built our reputation on servicing Santa Rosa BMWs with speed and integrity that far surpasses that of the BMW dealership. Our special expertise with BMW racing  and BMW upgrades allows us to troubleshoot stock cars […]
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Ever Try KoogleWerks for BMW Race Prep?

If you’re looking to build a race-ready performance BMW, contact North Bay Bavarian and let us hook you up with all the knowledge and connections we have to piece together your dream car. In addition to regular service, North Bay Bavarian’s staff members have a passion for performance. We have a passion for tuning, modifying, and […]
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Bavarian Tuning in Santa Rosa

North Bay Bavarian works with the same manufacturers that BMW works with, so our products, software, and parts are guaranteed. This is not just about performance tuning, either. North Bay Bavarian wants you to visit us here at the shop for all of your Bavarian tuning needs. North Bay Bavarian partners with big-name suppliers for […]

From the Vault: The Mexican Road Race

This blog is from December 19, 2006, and was reposted to our blog in January of 2011. We at North Bay Bavarian wrote this after deciding to enter the 2007 La Carrera Panamericana, which was more than 12 years ago. Our goals for the writings were to amuse ourselves and to attract some big time sponsors […]

BMW Race Ready Performance Kits

The racing circuit is one of our passions at North Bay Bavarian, and we want to share our knowledge and expertise of not only what we consider a race-ready BMW, but how to help you design your perfect ride. Experience the dynamics of the BMW Performance Power Kit through the talented team at North Bay […]

Our Top 5 BMWs at the Moment

We at North Bay Bavarian have been repairing and servicing BMWs since 1987. We love the classics, but we also love exploring the features and functions of new BMWs. The models below are some of the newer models that we think are of note. If you’re interested in BMW racing, some of these models would […]

Customers Cars That Showcase Bavarian Performance

At North Bay Bavarian, our passion for the BMW brand doesn’t end with the shop and repairs, we are the kind of high performance shop that takes it to the next level. Not only do we know how to repair BMW and Mini Cooper models from their inception to the newest models, but we have […]