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BMW’s are so much fun to drive, because the engineers that create them hone in every detail to absolute perfection. Performance BMW brakes are one reason why BMW owners will never switch back to other brands. Once you get a vehicle up to high speed, you need a reliable means to bring it to a stop. BMW brakes give you that control, provided you replace the pads when required. North Bay Bavarian is your one-stop-shop for every BMW brake service.

Luckily, a warning appears before a total brake failure in most cases. If you have been warned by your vehicle about your brakes, it’s time to schedule an appointment with North Bay Bavarian.

Issues that Require BMW Brake Repair

Anti-lock Braking System Light Engaged

There are many indicator lights that may appear on your BMW’s dashboard. Although most of them are not dire, they can cause serious damage if they are not tended to immediately. The anti-lock braking system (ABS) indicator light could be warning you about many different brake problems, so be sure to come in and have our professionals take a look.

Grinding Noises

If there are audible grinding noises coming from your BMW when you apply pressure to the brakes, visit us immediately. Your BMW brake pads are probably worn down enough to the point of metal scraping against metal. When you fail to replace your pads on time, you’re likely to begin damaging your BMW rotors and BMW calipers.

Soft Brake Pedal

After a while, your brake pedal might seem like it’s lower to the floor of your vehicle. Or you might feel like you need to press down harder to get the same braking effect. If either of these are the case, you might have a soft brake pedal. While this is not as critical as some other BMW brake issues, you should still take your car in to be serviced.

Shaky Brake Pedal

Slamming on the brakes is never good for any vehicle. While this is common sense for most of us, you might not realize you are causing substantial damage. Repeated hard braking and even prolonged heat can cause your brake pedals to become shaky. A shaky brake pedal usually means your rotors are warped, meaning your brake pads have little to grab onto.

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BMW Brake Repair Santa Rosa Trusts

If you are in need of a local BMW brake service expert in the Rohnert Park and Santa Rosa areas, look no further than North Bay Bavarian!

North Bay Bavarian has served BMW owners in the area for more than 25 years. We know exactly what to look for when it comes to brakes.

Our BMW specialists are standing by to fix all your brake issues.

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