Santa Rosa’s Best Mini Cooper Engine Repair

At North Bay Bavarian, we only work on BMW’s and MINI’s. We limit the makes coming into our shop to ensure that all our mechanics can efficiently provide service and repair. Efficient work is critical to our model, because it’s through efficiency that we’re able to offer our loyal customers such affordable service. There’s no doubt that the dealership can offer you MINI engine repair, but good luck getting out of there before breaking the bank. In this article we discuss some of the many MINI engine repairs our expert mechanics can handle.

Which MINI Models Can North Bay Repair?

Our expert mechanics have the skill and knowledge to perform Mini Cooper engine repairs, MINI maintenance and even Mini Cooper transmission rebuilds!

Our shop has been learning and expanding on our knowledge of all things BMW for the last three decades, so it’s no surprise that we found just as much passion for servicing and repairing MINI’s. MINI’s were first introduced in 1959 and have become more and more technologically advanced every year since.

We service the following MINI models.

  • MINI Mark I (1959 to 1967)
  • MINI Mark II (1967 to 1970)
  • MINI Marks III–VII (1969 to 2000)
  • MINI Hatch/Hardtop (2001 to 2006)
  • MINI Convertible/Cabrio (2005 to 2008)
  • MINI Hatch/Hardtop (2007 to 2014)
  • MINI Clubman (2008 to 2014)
  • MINI Convertible (2009 to 2015)
  • MINI Countryman (2011 to 2016)
  • MINI Coupé (2012 to 2015)
  • MINI Roadster (2012 to 2015)
  • MINI Paceman (2013 to 2016)
  • MINI Hatch/Hardtop (2014 to present)

In other words, we have the goods to repair MINI’s old and new!

What Types of MINI Service Does North Bay Offer?

Mini engine repair graphic

The MINI Cooper’s transverse-mounted engine has some great advantages, but it can also create distinct problems when the vehicle isn’t maintained properly.

For example, look out for the power-steering fan motor. If this motor fails, your power-steering pump will overheat and the pump will prematurely ware out causing rigid steering and a costly repair. We help our customers avoid this repair with diligent MINI Cooper maintenance.

Also keep a close eye on the suspension system. MINI’s use compact rubber cones instead of the conventional spring systems used by most BMW vehicles. These are designed to be a space saver and allow the vehicle to be driven quickly and efficiently.

North Bay Bavarian can also perform both Mini Inspections I and II, and according to the factory specs and age on your specific Mini, the frequency of these inspections vary. If you are looking for reliable Mini Cooper service and repair in the Santa Rosa or Rohnert Parks areas, visit North Bay Bavarian today.

We fully understand the ins and outs of Mini Cooper and how they should drive. World renowned for their solid, crisp feel and exhilarating shifting and driving abilities, we strive to maintain the form and function of this beautifully made car to operate the same way it did when you first drove it off the lot.

Developed by BMW, the Mini Cooper is a performance-oriented vehicle with engines that range from 120hp to 208hp. They are quite a bit quicker than their humble ancestors from the 50s, and have engines that are lauded for fuel economy.

Knowing the difference between newer and older model Minis give us the edge over other Mini Coopers shops, setting us apart not only because of our knowledge of the brand, but our friendly service as well.

If you are having any sort of issue with your Mini, contact North Bay Bavarian!