Expert BMW Restoration & Preservation

We at North Bay Bavarian love learning about the cutting-edge technologies that Bavarian Motor Works develops, but we also enjoy restoring classic BMWs. BMW restoration and preservation don’t just require technical repair knowledge. BMW restoration near me isn’t always the best bet because this type of work requires both art and science, and many BMW repair shops lack the finesse that we offer to our clients. Some BMW owners are also unaware of the many options available to restore and preserve a classic vehicle. In this article, we’ll discuss the difference between restoration and preservation and the different types of restoration styles.

What Is the Difference Between BMW Restoration and BMW Preservation?

BMW restoration graphicCar restoration most often involves replacing, removing and repairing various parts on a classic or antique vehicle. BMW preservation, on the other hand, strives to keep the original parts whenever possible.

Full Service Classic BMW Restoration

Some restoration shops specialize in restoring only certain aspects of the vehicle such as upholstery or engines. Other shops, including North Bay Bavarian, strive to do it all. Given some patience and with the help of our partners, we can restore the interior, exterior and mechanics of your classic Santa Rosa BMW.

Car restoration doesn’t just address the cosmetic issues of a vehicle. Proper BMW restoration will also address any issues with the functionality of the vehicle. The ultimate goal in most cases is to return the car to the state it was in when first sold by a dealer.

BMW Restoration Styles for Every Preference

The industry uses a variety of restoration styles depending on client goals and preferences. Following are just some of the styles available to Santa Rosa BMW owners.

Tribute BMW Restoration

Tribute restoration, also known as replica or recreation restoration, involves the modification of the vehicle to look like another model, a better version of the same model or another vehicle entirely. One example of this would be to take an old but somewhat standard BMW and transform the vehicle into a version that is more desired such as the BMW 2002 tii.

Resto-Modification BMW Restoration

This type of restoration involves taking a classic or antique car and adding BMW upgrades such as an updated suspension, tires, stereo, engine, etc. People choose to resto-mod a car to simultaneously appreciate the look of the original vehicle while enjoying modern conveniences such as power windows, GPS navigation and the like.

Traditional BMW Restoration

Restoration of this type returns the car back to like-new or better condition. Reproduced parts as well as original parts are options while using this style. The steps of traditional restoration are usually to diagnose the damage, disassemble the vehicle, catalog the disassembled parts, clean and / or repair the parts, repaint them if necessary and then reassemble the vehicle.

Although our shop at North Bay Bavarian primarily focuses on BMW repair and BMW service, we can’t resist a good project. Restoration projects can be some of the most fulfilling.

Help us help you return your vehicle to its prime. Give us a call and we’ll get to work!