John’s Gone? Where Did He Go?

Are you wondering where John is? No, he’s not on vacation, and no, he didn’t win the lottery. Well, in a sense, I guess you could say he did. After the birth of his daughter, Violet, in May, John decided he wanted stay at home to raise both her and his son, Enzo, who is now close to 2 years old. When he first told us he was going to leave the shop at the end of July, we were in shock. We couldn’t believe it. John had been at North Bay for 13 years and the Service Writer since 1998.

What would we do without him? He was the brains of the shop, he knew every customers name. He had been “The Man” in the office for 11 years. Luckily, he gave us enough warning before leaving and was able to help Matthew, one of our techs, move up into Service Writer position. We are sad John decided to leave us here at North Bay but are happy he is able to spend so much time watching his family grow. So the next time you stop by, come in, and say hi to Matthew. He would love to help you with any questions you may have. If there is any thing you would like to tell John let us know, he maybe gone but he hasn’t disappeared.

pic of violet     pic of enzo