Ever Try KoogleWerks for BMW Race Prep?

If you’re looking to build a race-ready performance BMW, contact North Bay Bavarian and let us hook you up with all the knowledge and connections we have to piece together your dream car. In addition to regular service, North Bay Bavarian’s staff members have a passion for performance. We have a passion for tuning, modifying, and racing cars. One of our favorite parts-makers is KoogleWerks.

KoogleWerks did not start as anything brand specific but grew in popularity in the BMW race world rapidly. KoogleWerks is a combination of art, design, functionality and automotive enhancement. If you have a passion for ’02 BMWs, KoogleWerks produces long, short, high and low air dams. KoogleWerks also sponsors race and sports teams. While it is a small discount, KoogleWerks will offer a discount with a minimum purchase of three aero parts from the small, home-grown, handmade, company.

Why Does North Bay Like to Use KoogleWerks Parts?

KoogleWerks uses aluminum rather than steel, as it is lightweight and more aerodynamic than its heavier counterpart, offering corrosion resistance and little risk to the vehicle body in the event of a collision.

KoogleWerks BMW Modified Cars

We handle cold air intake installation to full race car preparation; we make roll cages, optimize suspension, install performance exhausts, install brake kits, and tune engines.

The sky is the limit if you want to make your BMW or Mini an even higher-performance machine. Our project cars have competed in races like the ITB, SPEC e30, Chihuahua Express, and La Carrera Panamericana.

Do you have a project car or BMW race dream? Bring it to us! Sure we follow the latest in the BMW world, but we have a passion for this stuff. BMWs and Mini Coopers are outstanding precision vehicles. They’re designed to be driven. You depend on your car to get you where you need to be. That means you have to maintain it properly. We’re here to make sure you have a vehicle you can always depend on, whether it’s on the circuit or on the freeway for your morning commute.

Many customers think they have to go directly to the dealer for OEM parts like keys and interior pieces, but we can special order the same parts directly from BMW at competitive pricing.

Every time you have your car serviced at NBB, we check numerous items that are out of sight and out of mind. Always rest easy knowing that we do quality work and inspect your car like it was our own.

Want more info? Check out this forum, email: forrest@kooglewerks.com, or visit KoogleWerks.