March Madness

It’s March of 2011 and the race season is upon us. The first were in mid February at Infineon Raceway preceded by a track day at Thunderhill Raceway called ”The Art of Racing”. The track day was put on to give the drivers of the Spec E 30, the Mazda’s and the Honda Challenge classes a chance to brush up on driving technique.
Two student cars plus an instructors car went at speed around the track. The instructor was there to do some bobbing and weaving in traffic, and basically give the students something to think about while under race conditions.
As that all went well, so did the first weekend of racing at Infineon Raceway. Matthew Row is out of NASA’s doghouse and has his racing license.
He put that to good use on Sunday, starting in 2nd to last place, he moved up to finish in 29th. Not bad out of 45 cars starting. That was almost good enough to beat his Dad, who was declared underweight and DQ’ed. That put him in a starting position of last place. He finished in 28th place. The other two NBB cars finished near the top, Greg Peterson landing a 4th place on Saturday and a 5th place on Sunday, Bennett McMicking a 10th and 7th respectfully.
Next, some of the shop’s cars made a visit to the local dyno-tuner to see if a few more horsepower could be squeezed out of the M20 motor. Happily with a few tweaks here and there and some different spark plugs, things went well.
The other news is that there will be only valet and parking by lottery now at North Bay Bavarian. That’s not exactly true, but if more race cars arrive, more blacktop may be needed. Two more cars are in the process of being built, one for Spec E 30, and one for TT class or time trials. The third car to arrive is a beauty that is used for the 24 Hours of Lemons.
The Spec car is being built for Frank Bushman, who in 2009 helped produce the two BMW 2002’s that ran successfully in that years Chihuahua Express and La Carrera Panamericana races. His car is almost finished and should be ready for the March 19th weekend at Infineon.
With the number of new cars and drivers entering the series, this should make for an interesting year.