MINI 1499 GT Gets a Highlight Video

We at North Bay Bavarian love the new limited edition Mini. The MINI 1499 GT Limited Edition is being referred to as a ‘future classic’. We would love nothing more than getting to work on one of these mean looking cars for either service or repair.

Do you want to get up close and personal with the latest from Mini Cooper? This cult classic inspired Mini got some major upgrades and we’re all about the interior.

The original Mini launched back in the 1970s and was named 1275 GT.  These Minis sported a larger engine than their predecessors. While a standard Mini used to have a 998 cmc mill under the hood, the 1275 GT had a 1275 cmc engine.

MINI 1499 GT: A Closer Look

What do you think? Bring one of these babies into the shop so we can see for ourselves!