Rohnert Park’s Mini Mechanic Mecca

If you are looking for the best Mini mechanic in Rohnert Park, stop by North Bay Bavarian. Our expert staff has incomparable experience working with BMWs and Minis. We’ll restore your Mini Cooper back to its original glory, no matter what. What’s our secret recipe? It’s all about regular maintenance. Don’t wait until the 15,000 mile oil light comes on. The maintenance schedule laid out in your Mini Cooper owners manual is the bible – use it!

Working on performance-driven vehicles called out to us, and that’s why we learned everything possible about BMWs. After mastering the knowledge and skills needed to service and repair BMWs, we sought a new challenge. We loved the performance available with Mini Coopers, so we started learning everything about those cars, too.

Mini Repair in Rohnert Park Made Easy

If you are looking for a mini mechanic in the Rohnert Park area, stop into North Bay and let us set you up with the right service plan to fit your needs.  North Bay Bavarian has a passion for all makes and models of Minis, and as a result, we have become experts in Mini Cooper service and Mini repair.

Whether you are in need of a simple tune-up or complex transmission repair, we are the foremost provider of Mini Cooper service in the Santa Rosa area.

It’s only natural that North Bay Bavarian translates our extensive knowledge to high-quality Mini engine repair on-par with what you would get at the dealership, at a fraction of the price.

Mini Oil Service Recommendations

To keep your Mini’s engine running smoothly and reliably, North Bay Bavarian recommends that you change your oil every 3,000 miles, have minor Mini engine service every 15,000 miles, and have major Mini engine service performed on your engine every 30,000 miles.

The newer Minis use synthetic oil, which has better lubrication properties at temperature extremes and upon start-up.

Depending on your driving habits and daily commute, you may require service and maintenance or an oil change in your Mini sooner than factory recommendations specify.

We can assess your driving habits and offer recommendations for your Mini oil change schedule.

North Bay Bavarian fully understands the ins and outs of the Mini 6-speed manual Getrag transmission, which is renowned for its solid, crisp feel and exhilarating drive.

If you live or work in the Rohnert Park and Santa Rosa area, when was the last time you had Mini Cooper service?

To schedule an appointment forMINI Engine Repair, call 707-545-0820 or email North Bay Bavarian is conveniently located for Rohnert Park and Santa Rosa commuters at 1801 C Empire Industrial Ct. in Santa Rosa, California 95403. We are open Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.