Most Common BMW Problems

As lovers of the Bavarian Motor Works brand, we can vouch for the reliability of their makes and models, but problems with your car will always arise the longer it is driven, no matter what. Age, mileage and driving habits are major contributors to the wear and tear of any vehicle, but that’s where we come in.

North Bay Bavarian has been servicing all makes and models of BMW for 30 years and we’ve seen a few things. Proper maintenance and service aside, there are a few common problems that can spring up in your BMW.

Most Common BMW Problems

Most Common BMW Problems

  • Electronic Problems: Tune-ups, tune-ups, tune-ups! We can’t stress this enough. Regular tune-ups are a must if you want to keep your high-performance BMW running at just that, its highest performance. Commonly, electronic systems malfunction like windshield wipers, window regulators, and door locks.
  • Engine Issues: Cooling system issues, CCV (crankcase ventilation system), vacuum leaks caused by old, cracked hoses, oil leaks and fuel pump malfunctions. All of these can be easily avoided when keeping up with your maintenance schedule, but as many people opt to buy older BMW vehicles rather than fresh-off-the-lot, having a proper inspection before purchase is a really, really good choice. Which, incidentally, we totally do, and offer specials for.
  • Depreciation: Yes, depreciation. Buying a brand new BMW 3 Series for example, will cost you about $30,000. Purchasing an older 3 Series, say 5 – 6 years older, will run you about $12 – $15, 000. On average, if you are not keeping up with regular service your car will lose value quite quickly.

All in all, it is important to make sure what you are getting into before buying a new BMW, or older series BMW. Because of BMW’s reliability, it is important to consider the actual mechanics and condition of the car rather than the age or mileage, BMW vehicles are built to last, so don’t let those numbers deter you.

North Bay Bavarian’s inspection service offers something that no other Santa Rosa Bavarian shop does. Because we have served BMW owners in Marin and Sonoma County for more than 30 years, we know exactly what to look for when evaluating pre-owned BMWs, making sure that you have all the information you need to make the right purchase and decision.

What does North Bay Bavarian offer?

Bring in one car and get a pre-purchase inspection for $135. If you do not buy the BMW you brought in to us, you can bring in two more at no additional charge. If you buy any one of these vehicles, the $135 Inspection Fee is rebated to you on your first North Bay Bavarian mechanical repair.

We all have to assume that problems will arise with any vehicle we drive, it’s inevitable. But choosing the right Bavarian Motors shop to care for your vehicle is the best bet you have in avoiding any really terrible surprises.

We are the best dealership alternative with 30 years of BMW service under our belts. We will be able to assess common issues with your vehicle or pre-purchased vehicle before you buy. Give North Bay Bavarian a call today and let us help you with your BMW needs.