Used BMW Inspections in Santa Rosa

The thrill of owning an ultimate driving machine doesn’t always have to come right off the factory floor. Used BMWs are simply loved a little more and can be great cars to buy if you aren’t quite ready to purchase a brand-new model. North Bay Bavarian highly recommends having a BMW professionally inspected before purchasing […]

Mini Cooper Brake Repair

Brakes are probably the most important component on your Mini Cooper. After all, they keep you from careening into objects and ensure tight handling. The number of miles you rack up on your Mini’s tachometer along with your style of driving are the determining factors of when to repair your brake pads and/or rotors. If […]

Upgrades For Your BMW

The ultimate driving machine is a thrill to drive out of the box, but there is always room to upgrade your vehicle for even more fun. Owners looking for more efficiency and horsepower often ask what the best upgrades are for their bimmer. Here’s a list of some popular BMW upgrades that drivers do to […]

Our Customers Cars – North Bay Bavarian BMW

At North Bay Bavarian, our passion for the BMW brand doesn’t end with the shop and repairs, we are the kind of high performance shop that takes it to the next level. Not only do we know how to repair BMW and Mini Cooper models from their inception to the newest models, but we have […]

The BMW New Six

If you scroll through our Instagram, you’ll find that we have some beautiful BMWs come through the North Bay Bavarian shop doors. One of these is the BMW 3.0 SI E3. Produced and sold during the 1975 and 1976 model years, the 3.0 SI is part of the New Six line of full-size sedans that […]

BMW Warning Lights – Paying Attention is Important

What to watch out for in regard to warning lights There is a lot of confusion about which car warning lights are really serious and what exactly they all mean. There are generally three groups of people when it comes to warning lights. The first group immediately pulls over, turns the vehicle off, and calls […]

North Bay Bavarian Race Preparation

If you are looking for Mini Cooper repair, BMW repair, or Race Preparation assistance, North Bay Bavarian is your answer. North Bay Bavarian is Santa Rosa’s service repair shop, if you are looking for a trusted BMW and Mini repair specialist in the bay, you found it at North Bay Bavarian. As a performance driven shop, […]

Service vs. Maintenance

BMW and Mini Service and Maintenance often get confused. The difference between vehicle service and vehicle maintenance may seem like an obvious one. However, understanding what necessitates each and what benefits arise from each is something that many drivers miss. Every vehicle is different and requires both different services and different maintenance. Knowing what’s required […]

Mini Coopers in Santa Rosa, the Real Deal

Do you enjoy zipping around the back roads near Santa Rosa in your Mini? You’re not alone. This celebrated brand is a British icon that has brought joy to generations of drivers. At North Bay Bavarian, we share your passion for Mini Coopers in Santa Rosa and are always here to help drivers keep their […]

The BMW Santa Rosa Community

The BMW brand has always instilled a sense of community in those who are lucky enough to own one of these precision machines. Our Bimmers are a mobile sanctuary, whether racing your aftermarket M4 on the track or cruising to work in your X1 SUV. Whatever you own, it’s nice to know that you’re not […]