JD Power Dependability Study

J.D. Power and Associates is a global marketing information services company that surveys customer satisfaction, product quality, and buyer behavior for industries ranging from cars to marketing and advertising firms. JD Power is pinnacle in determining customer reviews and satisfaction across a number of these industries, but of course, we only care about the auto one. Why We Care […]

Buying a Used BMW? Bring it Here, First

When you’re buying a new car there a few steps that you need to take before making your final purchase, and even then, it’s hard to say if the purchase was a sound one. At North Bay Bavarian, we wanted our customers to feel safe and secure in their new BMWs, so as your BMW […]

Santa Rosa’s BMW Dealership Alternative

Rick Row has completed the BMW factory, Bosch, and ASE trainings, making North Bay Bavarian a trusted BMW dealership alternative for the Santa Rosa area, addressing problems that many dealerships themselves cannot resolve. Why Choose North Bay Bavarian? Because we care about our customers, and we care about our customer’s cars. As a performance driven BMW shop that has been […]

Quick Repair for Your BMW

The focus of North Bay Bavarian is to lead to by example. North Bay’s shop is dedicated to shop thoroughness, perfection, and customer service. Rick Row oversees all work that comes through the shop, assuring quality service and repair are performed, but sometimes he just can’t resist getting personally involved when a big, challenging project […]

BMW Inspection I Service Guarantee

There are two scheduled inspections and maintenance points for your bimmer and it is important to keep them in check, or you can really trash your car. Inspection 1 for BMWs This inspection includes a road test, tune-up, and pretty much everything from under your BMW, to the tire and wheels, hood, body, and interior. Your […]

Mini Repair in Rohnert Park Made Easy

If you are looking for the best Mini Cooper repair in Rohnert Park, stop by North Bay Bavarian, today. With decades of combined experience, our expert staff will help you get your Mini Cooper to its original glory, no matter what, and it’s all about regular maintenance. Don’t wait until the 15,000 mi. oil light […]


KoogleWerks did not start as anything brand specific but grew in popularity in the BMW race world rapidly. KoogleWerks is a combination of art, design, functionality and automotive enhancement. If you have a passion for ’02 BMWs – long, short, high and low air dams are available depending on the look you’re trying to achieve. KoogleWerks […]

Bavarian Tuning in Santa Rosa

North Bay Bavarian partners with big-name suppliers that for the ultimate Mini Cooper and BMW builds in Santa Rosa. NBB stocks engine management software from DINAN, Miller W.A. R. Chip, aFe Power, Brembo – Brake Systems, Ground Control Suspensions Systems, Supersprint North America, and Wilwood Disc Brakes. North Bay Bavarian has found a passion for […]

BMW Launches the Car and Ride Sharing Lease in 3 States

And yes, we’re one of them. BMW’s Financial Services USA Branch announced today that BMW customers living in Washington, California, and Oregon now have access to a new sort of lease that’s starting this month, but really kicking off in February. This new lease is called the Car & Ride Sharing Lease and will essentially […]

BMW Plug-in Adapts to Tesla Destination Chargers

BMW’s aim is to stand to its promise of delivering the ‘Ultimate Driving Machine’ with every electric hybrid it builds. There is a common misconception that BMW electric hybrids don’t carry as much horsepower or torque as their gasoline counterparts, but this is not the case. Growing in popularity and not just because of tax incentives […]

Santa Rosa BMW Service Specialist

It’s time to buy with confidence. North Bay Bavarian gives you the kind of service, expertise, and courtesy that life-long customer relationships are built on. We have built our brand on servicing BMWs better than the dealership, guaranteed. With a specially trained staff that can quickly and easily work on these luxury cars, not to […]