5 Common Reasons Your BMW Warning Light is On

5 Common Reasons Your BMW Warning Light is On It’s no secret that warning lights appear frequently no matter what kind of car you drive. But sometimes, it’s difficult to decipher exactly what the issue is. There is, however a very big difference between BMW “indicator lights” and BMW “warning lights.” BMW Warning Lights BMW […]

MINI 1499 GT Cult Icon Gets a Highlight Video

MINI announced the launch of a limited edition model Do you want to get up close and personal with the latest from Mini Cooper? This cult classic inspire Mini got some major upgrades and we’re all about the interior. The MINI 1499 GT Limited Edition is being referred to as a ‘future classic.’ The original […]

BMW Transmission Repair in Santa Rosa

Car enthusiasts know that the transmission can be especially difficult to repair. Because BMWs are imported, top-quality repair services seem to be few and far between. If you live in or around the Santa Rosa area and own a BMW, you should seek professional repair services from local experts. Luckily, North Bay Bavarian is at […]

Our Top 5 BMWs at the Moment

BMW X2 ‘The Cool X..’ With a million different types of SUVs on the market, we were excited to see what BMW was going to do next, and the BMW X2 is nothing short of a win. It’s pretty much the X1 – the X2’s based on the same front-wheel-drive, transverse-engined platform as the X1, just […]

North Bay Fires – Standing with Our Community

During this terrifying catastrophe, the North Bay Bavarian family wanted to express our deepest condolences, thoughts, and prayers to anyone who has been affected, or is currently being affected by the devastating fires in the Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park areas. North Bay Bavarian has been in Santa Rosa since 1987, and our hearts are […]

From Mini Cooper to Major Repair

Mini Coopers are great cars to own and drive, but like any car, they require maintenance on moving parts. Mini Cooper repair costs will vary by model, location of service provider, and extent of the repair. Though this is not a definitive list, nor is your Mini certain to experience one of these problems, it’s […]

BMW 60,000 Mile Maintenance

If you’re a BMW owner, you’ve probably heard of the all-important 60,000-mile maintenance check-up. The 60,000-mile inspection is simply the second 30,000-mile inspection on your ultimate driving machine, but it is an important element of prolonging the life of your car and preventing future issues. Once you reach the 60,000-mile mark, it’s vital to do […]

Used BMW Inspections in Santa Rosa

The thrill of owning an ultimate driving machine doesn’t always have to come right off the factory floor. Used BMWs are simply loved a little more and can be great cars to buy if you aren’t quite ready to purchase a brand-new model. North Bay Bavarian highly recommends having a BMW professionally inspected before purchasing […]

Mini Cooper Brake Repair

Brakes are probably the most important component on your Mini Cooper. After all, they keep you from careening into objects and ensure tight handling. The number of miles you rack up on your Mini’s tachometer along with your style of driving are the determining factors of when to repair your brake pads and/or rotors. If […]

Upgrades For Your BMW

The ultimate driving machine is a thrill to drive out of the box, but there is always room to upgrade your vehicle for even more fun. Owners looking for more efficiency and horsepower often ask what the best upgrades are for their bimmer. Here’s a list of some popular BMW upgrades that drivers do to […]