November at Infineon – 2010

The November races at Infineon are the end of the season for the North Bay Bavarian cars running in the SE30 and GTS (German Touring Series) classes. Just for information, the GTS racing series consists of 6 different classes based on a horsepower to weight to torque ratio. Any car of German manufacture is eligible but must have originally been badged and titled by one of the following manufacturers, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Merkur, NSU, Opel, Porsche, and VW.
Car number 261 has been repaired, looks good and is back on the track. Rick’s times are always improving, but still not up with the very fastest in the SE30 class. Ah, but that’s OK because this weekend he was running in the GTS2 class which consisted of a total of 2 cars. The trick was just to finish the races and NBB would claim first place in the GTS2 class. And that’s what happened, Rick stayed in the middle of the pack on Saturday, Sunday’s rains slowed everyone and made things interesting, but nothing drastic enough to cause him any major problems.
 The result was a season win of the GTS2 class!
 The other car racing under the North bay Bavarian banner is the green number 76, driven by Greg Peterson, who had his sights on winning the SE30 class with a good showing this weekend.Unfortunately, a mistimed pass under the yellow flag caused his disqualification on Saturday. That unforeseen disappointment caused Greg not to push it too hard in the rain on Sunday, which brought him to a third place overall finish in the SE30 standings.
The third car on the track with a NBB sticker was number 55, driven by Bryce Mosher who is driving in the HPDE-4 program and working on getting his NASA racing licence. Congratulations, complements and applause to the drivers and everyone at the shop for a job well done!