October at Infinion 2010

NBB has been sponsoring a couple of customers cars running in the Spec E30 Racing Series, and now has two cars of its own running from the shop.
 What is, Spec E30 Racing you might ask, Wikipedia probably explains it as well as any…
 ”Spec E30 is a class of racing cars used in National Auto Sport Association (NASA) road racing events.
The goal for Spec E30 is to create high levels of competition among similarly prepared BMW-E30 3-series cars at a reasonable cost. It is intended to encourage low-cost, entry-level, production car based competition. It has been called “the next big thing” in club-level racing by Grassroots Motorsport Magazine.
The series consists of U.S.-spec BMW3 Series coupes and sedans (excluding the 325ix model), sold in the United States between 1987and 1991, utilizing the 2.5L M20B25 engine. The 2.3L S14-powered E30 M3 is not legal in this series. The 1.8L M-10powered 318i (1984-1986 and 2.7L M20B27-powered 325/325e (1984-1988) were dropped from eligibility in 2006 due to a lack of interest in the comparably less powerful engines.
As a “specified” class, the rules allow for a limited number of modifications, predominantly involving required suspension parts. Thanks to the overwhelming popularity of the E30 3-series in the United States, the cars are widely available at low cost, and parts are common and inexpensive.”
October 9th and 10th was a race weekend at Infinion Raceway inSonoma, and getting there just in time to have lunch with Rick, Matthew and Brice, I learned that
Matthew had a fender bender earlier during practice. Matt’s been doing driving schools through NASA to get his racing license and was on the final leg when this happened. He, being from the “Row School of Debate”, and saying something to one of the stewards, got him a “banned for life” title from NASA. How charming! This should straighten itself out with some dissuasion with the higher-ups at NASA.
As for Rick, his practice times have gotten better from his last race, and everyone was looking forward to seeing good results this weekend. In these races, there are a
number of different classes on the track at the same time, some with as few as two cars in them. All the cars take warm-up laps behind pace cars, and then each class is green flagged from a dead stop. Leading the start, was the two Honda Challenge cars, with the Spec E30 cars next. Unfortunately, one of the BMW drivers took off on the
first flag, realized his mistake, and stopped. Rick, thinking this was a good idea, also left, was able to stop, but a third car was not so lucky and piled into Rick, pushing him into the first BMW. A group of us had climbed up to turn 2 to watch the race, which lasts for 30 minutes. All we got to see was ol’ number 261 being hauled off on the hook. Rick wasn’t hurt, but the car will need some extensive body work. Between father and son, this did not turn out to be the perfect racing weekend.
The other cars in Team NBB did well, Greg Petersen finished second on Saturday and won his race on Sunday, congratulations!