October is Carrera Time!


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October 2011

October is the month that racing will get going again for the Spec E30 group at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma. I thought I’d be telling about the results from the September racing, but there wasn’t any E30 racing at either Infineon or Thunderhill.

bmw spec e30

It’s also the month for the start of the La Carrera Panamericana in Mexico. One of the cars participating, a BMW 2002, was built by North Bay Bavarian, it finished well last year, and we wish them all the best this time around.

 3573 9440909DI PANAM RACE ROW

What all this is leading up to, is that there is not much to report. So what we’ll do is go back again and show some videos of BMW’s. I hope you have some extra time because there is about 90 of these. They are mainly about the 2002 and are in German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese and even English. Some are short one minute commercials, and others are longer, telling the history of the that model.

Blog update 2015; As what frequently happens with YouTube videos, they sometimes just disappear, gone and not to be found again. But not to keep a good blog down, we’ll swap out the commercials for some road tests from 1968. I hope your German is adequate because there are no subtitles.



bmw 2002 green motorbmw 2002 green bmw cabrio Tired yet? Here’s more infomercials on the “New Class” of the German car, the 1500, 1600, 1800 and 2000. There’s also some movie clips from the 60’s and 70’s with a chase or two with those cars . The bad guys seem to always be driving the BMW’s, being chased by a blond hero in a Alfa Romeo.

Blog update 2015; Again, more lost videos. We’ll replace these with one by some Swedish students showing the merits of the BMW 1800.

bmw 1600

Now, how about a E30 rally car going really fast in the rain, shown from the in car camera     323i E30

bmw E30-rally_(8)

And finally, this last but not least video is from 2007, showing a race from Valerbanen Race Track in Norway. The car is a 1968 2002ti, that works hard to pass almost everyone on the track.

Blog update 2015; Another video that no longer exists. No worries, we’ll go racing on the “Ultimate Racetrack”.


bmwtiibmwtii motor

And after everything is all said and done, we’ve watched all the videos, we know the 2002 is a great car, you’ve got to have one. But what do you do to make it really special, maybe something like this. Now that’s a 2002!!   bmw low