Off Season


From the end of November until February is the off season for Spec E30 class. That’s not to say there’s not any racing going on now, this last weekend was the “25 Hours of Thunderhill” endurance race. North Bay Bavarian chose not to participate because of some earlier commitments, but cheers to Mercer Motorsports for their win.


What’s going on at the business is the usual oil changes and brake jobs, plus some work on race cars built at NBB and other shops. Some days that seems to be quite an assortment. One of them is from BMW of San Francisco.


My question was, why would they send a car up to North Bay Bavarian? The answer might be that factory mechanics just don’t like to work on cars that aren’t stock, hell, some of them probably don’t even like working on cars period. The real answer is that the BMW/SF owners saw that North Bay’s cars finish races at the top of the leader board. Enough reason to bring the car in for some R&R – that would be renew and refresh.


Also, the father and son team that bought the 2002 twin to NBB’s La Carrera racer, checked in to report about that race. We’re told the car ran perfectly, needing no repairs other than a quart of oil. That’s good news considering that the roads in southern Mexico were especially demanding due to a rough hurricane season. The team accomplished it’s goal of completing the race,  but because of some problems in navigating, finished toward the middle of the pack. The final standings showed them 8th in class, 56th overall.

And last but not least, everyone at North Bay Bavarian would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in 2011.