BMW Maintenance Schedule & Average Costs

The focus of North Bay Bavarian is to lead to by example. North Bay’s shop is dedicated to shop thoroughness, perfection, and customer service. North Bay Bavarian can custom-design a BMW maintenance schedule for your particular driving habits and typical driving environment.

BMW Santa Rosa Service & Maintenance Suggestions

There isn’t a strict maintenance or service schedule for BMWs or really any other car because the need for maintenance and service is largely based on the environment the vehicle is driven in and how aggressive the driver drives the vehicle. Environmental conditions affecting the maintenance schedule include: heat, smoke, rain, snow, salt, mud and dirt. Driving variables affecting the wear of vehicle parts include: stop-and-go city miles, freeway miles and racing miles.

As a general rule of thumb, seek an oil change at about every 10,000 miles.

You’ll want to schedule an Inspection 1 at about every 30,000 miles. An Inspection 1 can range anywhere between $200 and $300, but again, this figure will depend on the model, year and condition of the vehicle.

Inspection 1 Services

  • Replace Engine oil & filter
  • Inspect/Reset Maintenance Indicators
  • Inspect Fuel, vapor lines & fuel cap
  • Inspect Cooling system
  • Inspect Exhaust pipe & muffler
  • Inspect Catalytic converter & shielding
  • Inspect Throttle linkage
  • Inspect Brake pads & discs
  • Inspect Parking brake system
  • Inspect Power steering system
  • Inspect Rear axle fluid
  • Inspect Steering & suspension
  • Inspect Transmission fluid/oil
  • Inspect Wheel centering hubs
  • Inspect OBD system for codes
  • Replace Cabin air filter

BMW inspection 1 graphic

As a luxury car owner, you know that maintenance and care are of the utmost importance to your BMW. Maintaining a regular service schedule for your BMW is crucial to the life of your car, but understanding the costs of BMW repair will help you navigate what is needed now, and what repairs can wait. Rick Row and his team of expert BMW mechanics are here to help guide you in the perfect customer service experience and get you and your BMW back on the road quickly.

Addressing issues and finding the right BMW repair and maintenance shop in Santa Rosa once this time is up is one of the most important decisions you can make for your vehicle.

BMWs can be some of the most expensive vehicles to maintain and service if not taken care of properly. When choosing a BMW maintenance and repair shop in Santa Rosa, choose a shop that has more than thirty years of experience on working with the BMW and Mini Cooper brand.

North Bay Bavarian is Santa Rosa’s BMW and Mini Cooper service specialist, we have state-of-the-art BMW diagnostic equipment, tools, parts, and knowledge of all models from today’s high-tech BMWs to antique cars from the 1970s.

North Bay Bavarian was one of the first BMW specialty shops in the Santa Rosa area, thirty years later, North Bay Bavarian has continued its reputation as the original Bavarian Motor Works repair facility in the North Bay. Our master mechanic, Rick Row, personally oversees all repairs and maintenance work that come through the shop, ensuring that all cars leave the facility like new.

Contact the staff at North Bay Bavarian today, and let us help you get your BMW back on the road.