Mini Certified Mechanics Discuss Common Mini Issues

We at North Bay Bavarian have been Santa Rosa’s trusted source for BMW service, maintenance and repair for more than 30 years. We’re also proud to say that our Mini certified mechanics can tackle any and all Mini repair issues. Mini is a distinct brand and, as such, these cars develop distinct problems. In this article we talk about some common Mini issues and how our expert team of mechanics handles them.

Watch Out for These Common Mini Issues

Mini Cooper maintenance graphicMini Clutch Failure: Early clutch failure is common with aggressive driving.

Mini Transmission: Unfortunately, Mini transmission failure due to a poorly designed valve body is common. Replacing the transmission fluid is at regular intervals is a good place to start.

Mini Timing Chain: If you hear rattling under the hood, especially with a cold start, get this checked out at our shop immediately.

Mini Variable Valve Timing (Vanos): Deficient and dirty oil cause issues with the variable valve timing. Avoid this with regular oil changes!

Water Pump & Thermostat Housing Leaks: It’s best to replace both of these parts before leaks begin. The 50,000 mile mark is a good time to have these parts checked out and /or replaced.

Electric Power Steering Pumps: Keep your power steering fluid well-maintained to avoid replacing this part.

Radiator Damage: Be sure to park your car carefully! The radiator support system in the Mini Cooper is made of plastic. A tight squeeze parking or an unseen pothole can really damage the support system that houses your radiator, fan and condenser – it sits extremely low.

Performance Issues: Change your oil – often. Mini Coopers run a VVT performance system. Even if you’ve only driven a few thousand miles, changing the oil relatively often will prevent major problems in the future. This system is not only sensitive, but can cause major blockages in the engine. Mini High Performance Synthetic 5W-30 Oil is the most highly recommended option, as it is used by Mini themselves during a Mini Cooper Oil Change.

How Do I Avoid Common Mini Cooper Problems?

  1. We always recommend a Mini Pre-Purchase Inspection to ensure that you aren’t purchasing a lemon. We offer an attractive inspection program that allows prospective buyers to get peace of mind prior to purchase.
  2. Regular maintenance is the less glamorous but always true policy for avoiding car repair.
  3. Listen to your car! When your warning lights come on, get your car inspected by our certified mini mechanics promptly!

North Bay Bavarian specializes in Mini Inspection Service, Mini Engine Repair, Mini Oil Changes and Mini Transmission Service.

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