Routine Maintenance on Mini Coopers

After zipping around the road in your new Mini for a few hundred miles you will inevitably run into a few maintenance repairs, let North Bay Bavarian be your Mini Cooper service repair guru. As is true with any car – routine maintenance on your new Mini Cooper will keep it healthy and running for longer. Choosing a company that has been servicing Mini Coopers and BMWs in Santa Rosa since 1987 is your best bet in keeping your new Mini Cooper in top notch condition.

There are a few things we keep an especially keen eye on with this particular brand of car:

  • Clutch failure Early clutch failures are normally linked to hard use of the car. But how can you help it? They’re so fun to drive!
  • Radiators Be sure to park your car carefully! The radiator support system in the Mini Cooper is made of plastic. A tight squeeze parking or an unseen pothole can really damage the support system that houses your radiator, fan and condenser – it sits extremely low.
  • Performance Issues Change your oil – often. Mini Coopers run a VVT performance system. Even if you’ve only driven a few thousand miles, changing the oil relatively often will prevent major problems in the future. This system is not only sensitive, but can cause major blockages in the engine. Mini High Performance Synthetic 5W-30 Oil is the most highly recommended option, as it is used by Mini themselves during a Mini Cooper Oil Change.
  • Tires Mini Coopers typically come with run-flat tires and these can be expensive to replace. Sit down with our friendly and helpful staff to discuss a list of options for your new Mini Cooper.

North Bay Bavarian specializes in Mini Inspection Service, Mini Engine Repair, Mini Oil Changes, and Mini Transmission Service. Contact the service specialists at North Bay Bavarian today for your Mini Cooper service and repair needs!