Santa Rosa Bavarian Tuning – The Bay’s BMW Service Center

As Santa Rosa’s premier BMW and Mini Cooper center, we proudly boast 30 years of service with decades of combined experience on the brand – new and old models – backed by our North Bay guarantee.

Service and repair for BMWs just got easier, North Bay Bavarian can do everything from basic maintenance to performance tuning, just check out some of our customers’ cars.

Not only do we take care of performance tuning, but we also provide a pre-purchase inspection package for BMWs that will include a thorough inspection of the BMW, what services and maintenances may need to be performed, and how much repairs may cost depending on the year, make, model, and condition of the vehicle.

North Bay can give you a detailed report before you buying, saving you a mountain of costly repairs in the event the BMW is up to snuff or asking price.

What Kind of Tuning Are You Looking For?

There’s a bit of a spectrum when it comes to tuning BMWs, or customizing BMWs. It’s all or nothing, BMW enthusiasts either love it or hate it. But, it’s no surprise that when folks do customize their BMWs, they always seem to put a special custom part or mold that’s unlike any other classic or new model. We’re into that. Let us know what you’re looking for.

Here are a few of suppliers we work with for BMW and Mini Cooper builds:

In addition to regular service, North Bay Bavarian’s staff members have a passion for BMW performance. We have fun tuning, modifying, and racing cars. We do anything from a cold air intake installation to full race car preparation. We can make roll cages, optimize suspension, install performance exhausts, install brake kits, and tune engines. The sky is the limit if you want to make your BMW or Mini an even higher-performance machine. Our project cars have competed in races like the ITB, SPEC e30, Chihuahua Express, and La Carrera Panamericana.