Santa Rosa BMW Racing Preparation

We at North Bay Bavarian aren’t just experts at servicing, repairing and restoring Santa Rosa’s finest BMWs. We also love to race these Bavarian performance machines. We can take any BMW, even a lemon, and turn it from a beater into a vehicle designed to beat down the competition.
bmw racing preparation at North Bay Bavarian

BMW Inspection: Pre and Post Race

Those who love to see a good BMW race know that if you aren’t pushing yourself and your vehicle to its limits, you probably aren’t car racing hard enough. Pushing Bavarian performance in Santa Rosa has been one of our favorite ways to spend time in our shop since we first opened in 1987.

We highly recommend a pre and post-race inspection for your race car to not just ensure that every little detail has been tuned up for performance, but also to ensure that every safety measure has been checked and calibrated.

BMW Racing Preparation

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BMW Racing Enthusiasts

The Bavarian Motor Works brand sometimes catches some flak from car aficionados, because BMW owners are more enthusiastic about their vehicles than just about any other car owners. There isn’t some character flaw about BMW owners that makes them shout their love for BMW from the rooftops. BMW owners love talking about their cars, because their cars are some of the most fun cars to drive on planet Earth.

There aren’t many steps between first buying a BMW and then wanting to race it. You don’t buy Kobe beef and then stick it in your freezer. You don’t buy your dream home to then rent it out on Airbnb. You don’t buy an 82” television and then stick it in a closet.

When you work hard to purchase an exceptional product, you want to show it off and use it.

Dialing it in for BMW Racing

We at North Bay Bavarian realize that dialing in race preparation details may not be first nature to every BMW owner. Don’t worry. We’re here to help. We’ll give you a hand with all the following racecar preparation services.

BMW Post-Race Check Up

After race day, head on back over to North Bay Bavarian for a post-race inspection. For your safety and peace of mind, let’s make sure that everything is in great condition after pushing your BMW to it’s limits.

Santa Rosa’s BMW Racing Experts

We aren’t just talk at North Bay Bavarian. We race our BMWs at every opportunity. We’ve participated in the Chihuahua Express and the La Carrera Panamericana. We also built a drift car that races in Formula Drift all over the continent. Call us today, so we can talk about turning your Santa Rosa BMW from a commuter car to a race-ready sensation.