Necessary BMW Maintenance for Summer

Everyone loves a summer drive, but living in the bay area we understand that nice weather produces heavier traffic. Not only are there more people on the road, but the air is thicker and our BMWs drive differenty. Higher temperatures can be tough on your Santa Rosa BMW, so we at North Bay Bavarian want to help you stay ahead of your BMW maintenance for summer.

BMW Maintenance Tips for Summer


  1. Tires. These are important in every season, of course, but it is so important to check the air and overall condition of your tires. Have you been riding them throughout the winter months as well? Tire pressure will increase in warmer temperatures, and depending on how hot it is outside, it is highly possible to pop a tire due to heat and substantial increases in tire pressure!
  2. Clean your battery. All the debris, dirt and leaves that come with the changing of the season easily creep their way under the hood and often land right on your battery. Excessive heat is one of the main causes of battery failure, causing your battery fluid to evaporate or even overcharging your battery in some cases. This on top of excessive dirt on your battery can harm and drain it completely.
  3. Oil Changes. This may seem obvious, but changing your oil more often during the summer, or at least checking it, will keep you from receiving any unpleasant repair surprises. Many of us drive quite a bit more over summer, sit in traffic longer, and doing these in warmer temperatures takes a toll and can overheat your BMW engine.
  4. Air filter. Winter months are great at clogging your BMW air filter. As mentioned above regarding your BMW battery, debris, leaves and more are caught under the hood and by your air filter, causing blockages. This will keep your BMW running for longer.
  5. Air Conditioner. Living in the bay area, this is necessary. North Bay Bavarian understands the Bay Area weather well, as we’ve been serving the Santa Rosa area for more than thirty years. Your air conditioner works its hardest in the summer months and can easily overwork itself, causing you a very unpleasant trip to our shop. Pay close attention to any noises or irregularities with your A/C!

These are just a few main points you want to focus on for BMW maintenance during summer. At North Bay Bavarian, we will never sell you work that isn’t needed, always communicating exactly what we find before performing any repairs. Contact the talented team at North Bay Bavarian today before taking that summer road trip.