The weekend of October 22-23 was the 24 Hours of LeMons race also known as THE SKANKAWAY ANTI-TOE-FUNGAL 500, SPONSORED BY CRUSKIN-SKANKAWAY INC., THE OFFICIAL FUNGICIDAL TOE CREME OF LEMONS. That’s quite a mouthful, even for a Lemons race. The Dream Team from North Bay Bavarian was driving a BMW 325, a car donated by Martin Lauber, who is currently battling for contention in Mexico’s La Carrera Americana. Good luck to their Alfa Romeo team!


The weekend started with a tech inspection ruling that the car had too many race parts. Understand that the premise of the race is to have a car that does not exceed $500 to buy and prepare. The NBB car was awarded only a 29 lap penalty, thankfully because their VIN number ends in 29 not 99.


Saturday’s race started with Dream Teamer John Sparks, setting a hot pace and erasing a few of those penalty laps. He actually ran the races fastest lap until about mid-day Saturday. The rest of the day went fairly smoothly, other than a couple of black flags collected by the Row family. These infractions were overcome by generous donations of cash and promises to be better human beings in the future. The end of the day finished well for the team, with no major problems.


The thing I noticed about this race, was that cars were really going for it out there, no putt putt’en around, just let’s go fast and get outta my way, even if I don’t know what I’m doing!


Sunday’s racing went well until about mid-day. With Dream Teamer Derrick Welch driving a very fast, but relaxed pace, he was bumped hard by The Mini Moke Thing into another car and into the wall.


That little get-together tore up the left side of the car, bent up a steering arm, bumper and rear wheel, and caused some over heating problems. Nothing the Dream Team couldn’t repair, but it put a major kink in any thoughts of pulling off a come from behind win.


About 40 minutes in the pits for repairs got the car back out again on the track with Dream Team driver Frank Bushman taking no prisoners, and making up for lost time. Unfortunately because of the accident, and the front end being tweaked, the car developed a problem with over heating. Back into pit row, more repairs and D.T. Captain Matthew Row taking over, making a slow climb back up the standings. By now, the engine had also developed a rod knock which finally proved to be fatal before the end of the day.

The final standings show that North Bay Bavarian’s Front Row Racing finished 97th out of 164 starters, completing 212 of 378 laps. A solid middle of the pack showing, and all drivers agreed that a good time was had by all.