Thunderhill Raceway April 16-17, 2011

For the second time this year, racing moved to Thunderhill Raceway where the weather showed some clouds, but no rain. Saturday was the customary 1/2 hour race, with nothing unusual happening, unless your name is Bushman. Frank was disqualified for allegedly passing under a yellow flag during the warm-up laps. That put him out of Saturdays racing as best to not have further conflict with NASA or to possibly dent up the race car.

The rest of the North Bay Bavarian group finished Saturdays race in the top 20 overall results. Greg Peterson in car #76 was 4th, Bennett McMicking in car #17 was 12th, rookie Matthew Row in car #15 was 16th and Rick Row #261 was a leisurely 45th,… did I say top 20, I meant to say top 45! There is a bit of teaser video from Saturdays race, with cameras on about 4 different cars, you can see it here…
Spec E30 teaser
Sundays race was called a “Petite Enduro”, meaning a one hour race. There was no qualifying as NASA inverted the starting grid from Saturdays results, meaning who finished last, started first on Sunday. The one task all drivers had to complete was to stop in the pits and apply a sticker to the lower right side of the windshield. This could be done anytime except under a full course yellow flag. That meant unbuckling the safety belts and window net, getting out of the car, putting on the sticker, back in the car, re-up all the safety gear, and get back to racing. Some drivers did this on the first lap, others waited to see how the racing went.
Matthew Row did his work on the first lap, which gave him a 17th place overall finish. Rick used his time by being pushed off the track twice, once by a BMW in turn 8 and another by an aggressive Spec Miata driver. Those excursions off track put Rick in 40th place. The other NBB drivers finished well with Greg Peterson just nudging ahead of Matthew for 16th place, Bennett in 24th and Frank Bushman coming from a last place start to finish in 26th position. The next races will be again at Thunderhill in mid-May.
The complete video of the race, all 14+ minutes, can be seen here…
complete video

As a side note, the original # 261, a 1972 BMW 2002 specifically built to compete in the worlds greatest road race, Mexico’s La Carrera Panamericana has been sold to a racing interest in Florida. This car finished the 2009 race in 25th place overall, and will race again in 2011. Will it be replaced, only time will tell.P1000758P1000756P1000755