Santa Rosa BMW Diagnostic Team

Santa Rosa BMW owners and those from the Bay have trusted North Bay Bavarian since 1987. Our team of BMW mechanics has the knowledge, experience and technology to service, repair and maintain your BMW with outstanding precision. Because we’re independent, we can also provide BMW service for a fraction of what the dealership charges.

Santa Rosa BMW Diagnostic Technology

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Our BMW inspection service involves checking your suspension, tires, alignment, transmission, brakes and other minor parts. From there, we can identify which repairs your Bimmer might need.

Your BMW’s age determines how many computer modules we can scan. Not to worry, our factory-trained technicians have the know-how to analyze the mechanisms our computers cannot.

During your BMW inspection, our technicians scan your BMW for error codes, diagnose any potential issues and get the job done right the first time.

Our advanced technology gives us a good head start when it comes to diagnosing issues, and then our expert BMW mechanics seal the deal with ease.

Once we inspect your BMW, common procedures include spark plug replacement, air filter replacement, cabin air filter replacement and BMW oil changes.

Why Is NBB the Best BMW Shop Near Me?

In 1987, North Bay Bavarian became one of the first BMW shops to offer BMW racing options and BMW upgrades alongside standard service for commuter cars.

in the Santa Rosa area. There’s a reason our shop is still the foremost Bavarian service shop in the area–our professionalism and know-how. Many clients ask us what Bavarian Service means. Bavarian Service from North Bay Bavarian is our way of providing the same high-end service you would find in a Bavarian Motor Works factory.

North Bay Bavarian has the know-how to perform service and repairs that other shops cannot. We fully believe that the ultimate driving machine and its Mini counterpart require the ultimate service. You’ll find that here at North Bay Bavarian. We were one of the first BMW Service shops in Santa Rosa, and we’ve been working hard to improve, constantly learn about the brand, and keep up with what’s new in the industry.

Do you own a BMW? Do own a Mini Cooper? Well, it’s time to contact North Bay Bavarian. We are the Bay Area’s number one service specialist for BMWs in Santa Rosa.

Contact North Bay Bavarian to schedule an appointment for a BMW inspection.

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