What Makes a MINI Mechanic Dependable?

What makes a MINI mechanic dependable? Among other things, skill, knowledge and a rock-solid code of ethics are important qualities for a MINI mechanic. It just so happens that our crew at North Bay Bavarian has all three. We appreciate cars that provide exceptional performance. We love to prepare cars for racing. We also love providing the best MINI service in Santa Rosa using a code of ethics. Our crew will never up-sell you on services that you don’t need!

Who Is the Most Dependable MINI Mechanic Near Me?

Black Mini Cooper

Whether you own a brand-new Mini Cooper, a classic, or something in between, North Bay Bavarian knows all models of this brand inside and out. Santa Rosa Minis are some of the finest in the country, and we hope we’re a contributing factor.

Finding A Great Mini Mechanic

One way to ensure that your mini repair shop knows its stuff is to ask your mechanic what type of inspections, service plans, and other related services they offer for your specific make and model. Cross-referencing what the shop says against what you know your car needs is an effective way to make sure that your mini certified mechanic knows his or her stuff.

Mini Service at North Bay Bavarian

We offer the following services to keep your Mini running in optimal condition.

  • MINI Inspection I: Includes full examination of undercarriage and engine compartment; click the link for the full description.
  • MINI Inspection II: Includes everything in MINI Inspection 1 plus an examination of all body/electrical equipment. This inspection ends in a comprehensive road test with assessment of steering, suspension, transmission, shocks, and brakes; click the link for the full description.
  • MINI Engine Repair: Full diagnostic and expeditious mini cooper repair.
  • MINI Oil Change: Custom maintenance plan per your driving habits and use of only the highest quality synthetic oil for maximum performance.
  • MINI Transmission Service: Our thorough understanding of your 6-speed manual Getrag transmission will keep maintenance costs low and repairs expeditious. If you put Frankenstein’s monster beneath your hood, we can breath life back into that transmission as well.
  • MINI Race Prep: We might not get you 1st place in your next race, but we guarantee a smile on your face while you drive the meanest Mini Cooper in the pack across that finish line.

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Mini Service at North Bay Bavarian