2011 Wrap

We have come to the end of another year, and it’s time to review our unfinished business for the close of the 2011 race season. The last two races were at Infinion Raceway in Sonoma, the end of October and the first part of November. We first want to toast Greg Peterson and his wife Summer on the birth of their son, Jude. Many congratulations from everyone at North Bay Bavarian!

Because of Greg’s absence, due to his fatherly duties, the first weekend of racing in number 76 was done by NBB Team member Rick McCormick. He kept the North Bay Bavarian car in contention for winning the overall championship with a 4th place finish on Saturday and a 3rd on Sunday. Because McCormick’s driving style is a bit more punishing than Greg’s, the Row boys had a transmission change to do between races on Saturday and Sunday.

Our notes are thin for details on the races, so we’ll just keep it to the outcomes. Saturdays final results for the cars in the NBB group included a 7th for Ray Zanotto and 9th place for Frank Bushman. The Row’s were back in the pack with 25th and 27th place. Bennett McMicking was 12th in the Spec E30 race and 1st in the GTS1 class to stay on top of the standings in that group. Sunday’s finals showed a steady Ray in the 9th spot, Matt, Rick and Frank in 19th, 25th and 26th place respectively. Bennett had a 15th spot in Spec E30 and battled for a 2nd place in GTS1.

The next weekend of racing was in November, and NASA decided to do things a little differently, putting the qualifying on Saturday and two races on Sunday. Greg Peterson was back at the wheel of the bright green #76 holding third place in the overall standings. With a bad showing by the front runners, he he might just pull off a little coup and bring home the championship. Unfortunately the front runners finished 1 and 2, making the afternoon race a battle to see which one of them would win the number one position. Greg’s 4th place finish kept him solidly in 3rd overall, with a slight chance at the top spot, if the other two knocked each other out. The rest of the group had Ray Zanotto in 9th,  Bennett McMicking placed 14th, Matt Row 20th and Rick Row 22nd.

For the second race in the afternoon, rather than running the normal 30 minutes, it ran 50 minutes. The mornings race finishing results, set the starting grid for the afternoon. Greg jumped into the lead and kept it for the 50 minutes to win the second race of the day! Greg’s finish solidified his third place in the overall standings, with Team BTM taking the championship and Loren Trefethen in second. Good job and congratulations to both of them.

The final point standings for Spec E30 in the NorCal Region have Greg Peterson/Team NBB in 3rd place, Bennett McMicking taking 6th, a steady Rick Row in 15th place, Ray Zanotto in 20th, Matt Row 23rd, and Frank Bushman in the 25th spot. We also want to salute Bennett for his 1st place points finish in the GTS1 class. To all the drivers, helpers (that would be Bryce Mosher), all the boys at North Bay Bavarian, friends and family,… HOORAY HOORAY to you all for your wonderful support!

We would also like to congratulate the third place overall finishers in the 2011 NASA 25 Hours of Thunderhill, – Team Stammer Inc./Bavarian Performance. Rick and Matthew worked as pit crew members to help with this great finish in a long race. If you care to see what that race is like, here is a video from the Nitto Tire/Bullet Performance team that finished in fifth place overall.   https://youtu.be/Q9nsl6m366c

And finally, here’s a little tidbit I found in the NorCal Spec E30 website –www.norcalspece30.com – talking about our pal …..

“The Evil Genius Racing Hard Charger Awards – Recall that in the last three years, for the last race weekend the EGRHCA traditionally goes to the Regional Champion.  Brad McClure picked up a crisp $100 for that….easy.  Now, since an October EGHRCA winner was not picked it was decided to pick one from the season ending race weekend.  After Sunday’s final race, where Greg Peterson successfully held off Brad and Loren in a very hard fought battle, Mr. Evil Genius himself, John Pagel came to me after the race and wanted to award Greg the weekend’s hard charger.  Great choice but  one our constraints on the EGRHCA has been that a racer can only win one per season and Greg having won in August, we had to choose another racer for the award.

This was going to be difficult…I spoke with Will Faules and he really didn’t have a standout in mind. So once again, I was left with the executive decision to pick a hard charger.  The problem I had was, from my vantage point on the race track, I could not gauge much from my position.  Dang…who to pick?  My choice became crystal clear walking past Impound after the final race.  I ran into Rick Row on his way back to his trailer, beat-tired and oil -grimed from working beneath Greg Peterson’s race car (he and Matt had to drop the tranny to get the flywheel out).  It then occurred to me that Rick should be awarded the EGRHCA for all the unselfish help he has given to his fellow racers fix their cars throughout the 2011 season. I think it’s safe to say that almost the entire SE30 field has at some point sought out help or advice from Rick during the season.  I quickly located Will Faules and ran my idea by him and he wholeheartedly agreed that Rick was a great choice.  Rick is ALWAYS first in line to help out a fellow racer.  His BMW mechanical knowledge and know-how is seemingly inexhaustible. Congratulations to Rick, for being the October 2011 recipient of the Evil Genius Racing Hard Charger Award!”

And with that, we wish you a very Happy New Year in 2012!