5 Reasons You’re Seeing a BMW Warning Light

5 Common Reasons Your BMW Warning Light is On

It’s no secret that BMW warning lights appear frequently no matter what kind of car you drive. But sometimes, it’s difficult to decipher exactly what the issue is. There is, however a very big difference between BMW “indicator lights” and BMW “warning lights.”

BMW Warning Lights

BMW warning lights, on the other hand, indicate that something is wrong with the car. Usually, depending on the color, they require immediate attention (yellow is minor; red is dire). Here are 5 common reasons your BMW warning light is on:

  1. Low Fuel Light 

One of the most common BMW warning lights indicates that you are low on fuel. Typically, you have about 30 miles from the time the light first illuminates until the tank sis completely empty.

  1. Tire Pressure Warning Light

If the tire pressure warning light appears, your BMW has less-than-optimal pressure in at least one of its tires. Driving with under filled tires greatly increases the risk of tire wear and might also lead to tire failure.

  1. Service Vehicle Light

The service vehicle light indicates that your BMW needs service. This is typically illuminates when general service is required. The light is usually yellow when it first appears and then red when service is required immediately.

  1. Transmission Fault Light

A lit transmission fault light can either be temporary and not require attention, or it can indicate an actual fault. In some cases, the BMW engine simply need to be turned off and back on again. If the light is still visible, you should take your BMW to a specialist. Guess what? North Bay Bavarian is full of specialists to help you!

  1. Oil Level Light

If you need an oil top-off, the oil level light will appear. If the light is yellow, your oil is low, and it needs to be addressed within the next few weeks. If it is red, the car should not be driven until the oil is replenished.

If your BMW warning light doesn’t resemble these 5 symbols, you should seek an expert opinion. North Bay Bavarian offers exceptional inspection services that will keep your BMW in tip-top shape. Contact us today with any questions or to schedule an appointment. We are always happy to help.