Bavarian BMW Maintenance in Santa Rosa

As a BMW repair team that has been working in the Santa Rosa area for more than 30 years, we at North Bay Bavarian perform BMW maintenance and repair for the community at an affordable price. We know your time is valuable, so we will return your Bavarian BMW as soon as possible.

BMW service and maintenance vary by the mechanic, so trusting the Bavarian service masters from North Bay Bavarian is your best plan of action if you want reliable service and quick results.

bavarian bmw service

When the experts at North Bay Bavarian perform a service on your car, the BMW inspection service may include new spark plugs, replacing the engine air filter, replacing the cabin air filter, and possible motorsport oil if required for your BMW M series vehicle. We are well versed in all areas of BMW maintenance and service and we’re confident in knowing the exact make, model and year of your BMW and how to service your unique build perfectly.

Keeping up with your Bavarian BMW maintenance schedule is important, and the talented team at North Bay Bavarian will be your biggest asset when it comes time for this. At North Bay Bavarian our BMW inspection service checks suspension, tires, alignment, transmission, brakes and more. Depending on your BMW’s age, the service will vary, but rest assured that whatever your year or series, the factory-trained technicians at North Bay Bavarian understand these complicated machines and will make certain that your BMW is in perfect working order before it is returned to you.

Contact the friendly staff at North Bay Bavarian today for Bavarian BMW service you can count on in Santa Rosa.