Bavarian Motorworks in Santa Rosa

North Bay Bavarian has been a Bavarian Motorworks shop in Santa Rosa for more than 25 years. Because we are the original Bavarian Motor Works (BMW) repair company in the Santa Rosa area, you can feel confident that no matter what your BMW has been through, we’ve seen it all (and repaired it all).

Our founder, Rick Row, has been repairing BMWs since 1979. Bavarian service is a special service that we offer at North Bay Bavarian that guarantees the highest level of service and standards that would match what you would find at a BMW factory.

Rick Row has dedicated his life to BMW service and repair. As Santa Rosa’s Bavarian Motorworks shop, North Bay Bavarian has dedicated years of time and efforts to be the best choice for BMW owners when it comes to BMW repair and maintenance. For large and somewhat difficult projects, Rick not only personally oversees every project that comes through North Bay Bavarian, he will personally service and repair the vehicle himself depending on the demand of the job.

North Bay Bavarian BMW service will tackle anything from brake and engine repair to full BMW race kits, BMW suspensions, BMW roll cages and cold air intake modifications. We offer comprehensive undercarriage service, engine compartment inspections, body electrical equipment and final road tests with brake, suspension, steering, clutch and manual or automatic transmission checks.

BMW maintenance schedules and servicing vary on which series you own, but proper care and regular maintenance of your new BMW will guarantee a long life for your luxury car. North Bay Bavarian’s knowledgeable staff will help you stay in tune with your vehicle by determining a maintenance schedule that works for you and your new car.

Have questions and would like to talk to a BMW specialist? Contact North Bay Bavarian today.