Best BMW Repair in Santa Rosa

While BMW repair and BMW maintenance are two different things, it’s important to note the difference as many people get them confused. Which is completely understandable! They’re close.

When you bring your BMW into North Bay Bavarian BMW repair, you will the terms maintenance and repairs. Keeping up with both BMW maintenance and BMW repair is crucial to keeping your BMW running properly. Maintenance is a service that pertains to the life of your car (fluids, top-offs, spark plugs, brakes, etc.). Repair is simply replacing or ‘fixing’ a part so it is working properly again. And of course, these are little more expensive.

Keeping to your BMW service schedule ensures that preventative maintenance is being performed, and your car will be saved. We are your local dealership alternative, with over 25 years of experience working on these German-engineered luxury automobiles.

Our BMW service also involves checking suspension, tires, alignment, transmission, brakes, and other minor parts. Your BMW’s age determines how many computer modules we can scan.

We are also able to perform necessary repairs and services for BMWs outside of BMW inspection, or BMW maintenance, our factory-trained technicians have the know-how to analyze the mechanisms our computers cannot. To schedule an appointment for BMW inspection, call 707-545-0820 or email us at