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BMW M Series. Remembering the BMW M1

BMW M401

In 1978, BMW created a vehicle that set up the M series for its performance we know and love today. The M series is BMW’s motorsport division, originally created to facilitate BMW’s racing program. It can get confusing as there are BMW M-Cars and BMW M-Badged cars. M-Badged cars typically have been modified by BMW Motorsport but are not truly an M-Car. Just by looking at the vehicle you can tell an M-Car from an M-Badge as M-Cars will feature the model number along with the M Series logo (example: “M3” or “M5”). BMW M Series vehicles typically have modified engines, suspensions, transmissions, interior trims, aerodynamics and exterior modifications. These modifications set the M Series apart from other BMW models. The BMW M1 was the glorious origin to a series many car enthusiasts rave about.

The BMW M1

The M1 had an especially peculiar style for a few reasons. A gentleman named Jochen Neerspach (former German racecar driver) led BMW’s motorsport division around the time of BMW’s M1 birth. Creating an in-house R&D program for BMW was not a reality Neerspach could pursue, so the design and assembly was given to Lamborghini. While Lamborghini was able to come up with a few prototypes, another Italian company got their hands on the M1’s bodywork. The M1 featured a 3.5 liter inline-six engine, individual throttle bodies, twin cams and four valves per cylinder producing 273 hp. The vehicle’s body work heavily reflects Lamborghini’s influence on this work of art. Unfortunately, the M1 was discontinued in 1981 and BMW went back to building cars in their comfort zone: sedans and coupes. The innovation and style of engine found in the M1 eventually found its way back when the M5 was born and soon after the M3 was created.

BMW M Series Modifications and Service

Nowadays, BMW’s M Series have some serious power and offer further modifications to create your dream vehicle. Modifications include upgrades on the aerodynamics of the vehicle, drivetrain, cockpit and chassis. If you are looking to upgrade parts or service your M Series BMW, come visit us at North Bay Bavarian in Santa Rosa, CA. We have 25 years of experience working on these German-engineered luxury automobiles. North Bay Bavarian provides service and repair on your BMW and our passion for these vehicles go even further as we can also prep your BMW for a race. Race preparation includes modifications like installing cold-air intakes, suspension tunings, custom exhaust kits, roll cages, metal fabrication and much more! Check out our race preparation page.

From the BMW M1 to a present day M5, we are happy to be a part of BMW history as we do our part in keeping BMWs running at its best. What ever type of BMW you drive, visit our office or give us a call today!