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Auto Maintenance vs. Auto Repair: Key Differences

As an owner of a BMW or MINI, it’s important to know the difference between auto maintenance and auto repair. 

Both maintenance and repair are necessary to maintain the overall performance of your vehicle, but they serve different functions. 

North Bay Bavarian has been proudly serving Santa Rosa for both maintenance and repair since 1987, and we’re here to identify these key differences for you in this article. 

Let’s dig in! 

What is Auto Maintenance? 

Auto maintenance is a regular service that is required to keep your vehicle operating with maximum performance standards. 

Auto maintenance is standard for every vehicle—your BMW or MINI can’t function without proper attention to these required services. 

  • Some common auto maintenance services include: 
  • Testing of battery 
  • Brake maintenance 
  • Oil change 
  • Tire rotations 
  • Power-steering fluid refills 
  • Engine coolant 
  • Engine belt & timing belt inspections 
  • Spark Plug Replacements 

 Seem like an overwhelming list? 

Don’t fret. Many of these services are simple procedures that can be completed within a day. Your BMW or MINI is designed for these services to be performed at the same time, so you can get all the necessary services taken care of in one trip. 

Don’t put off your manufacturer’s suggested timeline for vehicle maintenance. Many people think that it might be unnecessary, but putting it off can lead to more expense in the long run. 

If you don’t stay on top of auto maintenance, it could lead to auto repair. 

What is Auto Repair?

Auto repairs are performed on your vehicle when it is not functioning properly due to an unscheduled complication. 

Keep in mind that while maintaining great auto maintenance for your BMW or MINI, over the life of your vehicle, you are bound to need auto repair at one point or another. 

When dealing with auto repair, it is especially important to find a trusted mechanic that is knowledgeable about your specific vehicle make. 

This can save you from having to deal with the problem again down the road, ensuring that you save as much money as possible even in the event of an accident or other incident. 

Why is this Distinction Important? 

Knowing the difference between auto maintenance and auto repair can save you a lot of headaches. 

Many car owners think they’re vehicle only needs to be inspected when something goes wrong. In this case, consumers are playing a defensive strategy, which will cost them more in the long run. 

It’s far better, instead, to practice preventative care through auto maintenance. These services are relatively inexpensive compared to auto repair and can keep your vehicle on the road longer. 


While auto maintenance and auto repair will likely both be a part of your BMW or MINI’s life, practicing great preventative care through auto maintenance can save you money and keep your car as healthy as possible. 

North Bay Bavarian has the expert mechanics and knowledge of BMWs and MINIs in Santa Rosa to meet all of your service needs. 

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