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MINI Cooper Transmissions – Issues and Maintenance Plan

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MINI Coopers go through transmission issues much like any other vehicle. The most important idea is to stay a head of these issues so it doesn’t turn into a transmission replacement. Both MINI Cooper automatic transmissions and manual transmissions are susceptible to similar problems and it is important to have a MINI expert take a look at any symptoms your MINI Cooper is experiencing.

Identifying a Transmission Issue

Checking for leaks under your hood and under your car is always something you should look for. This is a good practice for transmission fluid leaks and can help you identify other leaks like oil, radiator fluid, gas and so forth. When looking for a transmission fluid leak, the fluid is generally a dark red color. The next problem you might notice is a notification telling you that your engine is overheating. If your transmission is beginning to fail, it adds stress to various components of your vehicle which will cause the engine to overheat. If you see the engine overheat symbol displaying on your dash, make sure to take it into a MINI transmission specialist right away as additional parts of your vehicle can become damaged due to an overheating engine. Along with the overheating dash notification, you may see your check engine light illuminate. The check engine light may or may not have something to do with your transmission. It often comes on when any problem no matter how big or small arises and it is best to have a professional use diagnostic equipment to read your vehicle’s code. Additional identifiers for transmission failure include trouble with gear shifting and intense vibration or shaking of your vehicle. You can tell that your gear shifting might be off if your vehicle is staying in high RPMs without shifting gears or staying in low RPMs and shifting gears too early. This problem is specifically for automatic transmissions. If your vehicle is having intense vibrations or you notice shaking as you accelerate, there is most likely a transmission problem. Transmissions have a big effect on the overall “feel” of your car while you accelerate or decelerate. The first step is identifying the issue and then to call your local North Bay California MINI specialist: North Bay Bavarian. For over 25 years we have been working on MINI transmissions and we can diagnose whatever problem you may experience to determine whether a repair or replacement is necessary.

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Something to Consider

In 2014, nine plaintiffs filed five separate class-action lawsuits against defendant BMW of North America concerning the Continuously Variable Automatic Transmission (CVT) used in First Generation MINI Cooper vehicles. Quoted from the case: Brad Aarons, et al. v. BMW of North America, LLC, “Plaintiffs allege that the CTVs used in the class vehicles are prone to sudden premature failure before the end of the useful life of the vehicles.” Plaintiffs stated they spent thousands of dollars on repairs and replacements due to these faulty transmissions and it could potentially expose them to accidents. This information is useful to consider for buyers interested in a MINI Cooper but this does not mean that all first generation MINIs are faulty. Come into North Bay Bavarian for a pre-purchase inspection and we can help assess your potential new vehicle and answer any questions you might have.